More Claims I Do Not Buy

Tales of Pirates Online advertises itself as “the most anticipated MMORPG in 2007.” Umm… This would not be the most anticipated pirate MMORPG of 2007. This would not even be the most anticipated RMT item shop attached to a Korean game port of 2007. I saw the ad at a good game, and I had to find someone else talking about it to make sure I had not hallucinated the whole thing (you can see the ad there).

(1) Why do I bother? (2) Why did I include a link?

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “More Claims I Do Not Buy”

  1. See the period at the end of that sentence? In the original ad, its not a period, its microprint. Zoomed in it clearly states “… by the people who are programming this game.”

  2. All of these pirate games have been so over hyped lately, I have nearly lost any interest whatsoever.

    And I really like pirates too. Hell, I’ll even say they are cooler than Ninjas. Yeah, I said it. COOLER THAN NINJAS.

    Of course, a ninja-pirate is pretty badass. The only thing that could defeat a ninja-pirate would be a shark with lasers.

  3. Now, ninja-cops in a GTA smackdown style MMORPG – with pirate chicks – and we *might* be getting somewhere.

    But ToPO as “the most anticipated MMORPG in 2007.”? I don’t think so. (I had to scroll up twice to get the name and still resorted to an acronym)

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