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It’s time for another outburst. I have not had a lot of time to play anything in depth, so I just came up with some random thoughts to share.

World of Warcraft: My wife wants Blizzard to add an option to stop earning XP. Her level 35 Hunter has 8 days /played. Mine? 4 days. She spends a lot of time talking when she could be out playing with other people instead of saving her XP for grouping with me.

Auto Assault: Destructible environments are cool and Auto Assault makes good use of them. Advertising there must be very hard to sell. I like to make things blow up, even though sometimes it is me. Some things don’t explode into flames when they are blown up. Did I mention I like to blow things up? Look at those bullets fly. Pink van of death.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar: Just because you can make armor colorful, doesn’t mean you have to. The creative name force went out and found some offenders for you to examine. Wait, we are not done. What game is this anyway? You want more? OK. Last but not least, a picture of me. Find the NPC. Moonboots!

Before I go, Tolkien’s version of a rat.

– Ethic

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  1. The Find the NPC pic is precisely the reason I keep floating names off… it’s horrid.

    The early armor in the game, is as you can tell, pretty horrendous. About 20s or so it’s markedly better, but I agree with the fact that it’s pretty “ick” before then for the most part. There are some good ones, like the Corsair hat that is out of place but fantastic looking.

    The name thing, really, really, bothers me. Never before in a game has it been this way for me. Perhaps it’s because of the source material, but pretty soon I’m not going to be able to restrain myself from reporting asshats that use things like ShieldMaiden and Ultramax. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Oh and as for AA. I’d love that game so much more if there was more to do than blow stuff up, or if it was free to do so. Such a pity.

  3. Re: stopping XP, why doesn’t she just make an alt? My wife and I have a pair of characters that we play together regularly (Human Priest and Warlock), some that we usually play together and some that we play together when our levels mesh up. It works pretty well, and allows for each of us to have something to do if we don’t feel like playing our main shared characters together and/or one of us gets free time to play when the other doesn’t.

  4. BitterCupOJoe: Believe me we thought of it. She would prefer not to and to be honest, and simple option to stop gaining XP would be easy. I think EQ2 already has this feature. She really doesn’t care about the XP, she just wants to keep hunting and going into dungeons and such. I just want her to not outlevel me by too much.

    JoBildo: AA is a blast, but it is not worth a monthly fee in my book either.

  5. I know it’s a common complaint over in CoH, too. In some ways it’s not as bad over there, since people can sidekick down for their friends. In some ways it’s worse, since quest givers in CoX will just stop giving you quests, and that means you have to bug friends/random strangers to get into the missions that give badges, and you still can’t get story arcs.

    As an idea, if she mostly just likes the hunting and is playing for the fun of it, there’s also the elite outdoor areas, like Pyrewood Village, and the low level dungeons. She won’t be getting XP, but once she finds the sweet spot, she may be able to find some low level elites that are still fun for her to fight. She can also farm for cash this way, so it’s not “wasted” time like just hanging out and talking. And if she does ultimately decide to start an alt, she’ll have a nice way to outfit the lowbie with some greens and cash. If she’s a skinner, SFK or Pyrewood at night might be good places to start with. As a bonus, the lowbies in the area that need items from inside Pyrewood will thank her, since Silverpine is usually devoid of players on every server I’ve been on.

  6. The picture may not be the best, but they are so puffy/thick that they just reminded me of moonboots.

  7. Those pictures just show how ugly the armor and character models are in LoTRO.

  8. Actually, Rand, the models and armor look surprisingly good later on. It’s just that LotRO’s early armors are so hideous that it may turn people off from the get go. I’m all for progression in terms of looks in a game, but when you start off wearing bright green leather, red boots and gloves, it’s a little hard to feel like more than Santa’s Elf with a sword and shield.

    Had I not known about what the game plays like later, and looks like from around level 10 on, this aspect would have likely turned me off. I’m hoping others press on despite their characters looking like fools in the 1st 4 hours of play.

  9. @Ethic

    Aye but even when I had my settings on high the armors were god awful ugly and way too bulky. Especially on an elf, it made my hunter look deformed because his head was out of proportion with the way the rest of his body looked.

    I’m not sure Turbine nows how to make human looking character models at this point. Even in DDO the only models that looked good to me were the Warforged.

    I didn’t go very high in to the 20’s but I just didn’t see it getting better. If you have some images of the higher stuff link em, so that I (and others) can see if you don’t mind.

    Overall the game is too similar to WoW to make me plunk the cash down. even with as much as I love the LoTR.

  10. In my opinion, the closer a character model gets to being realistic – the worse it looks for some reason.

  11. I’ve heard that phrase before but never looked it up. Thanks for that, dead on.

  12. I always felt that was the reason WoW seems more “comfy” on my eyes. EQ was constantly trying to be more realistic, while WoW was, and continues to be cartoony. The weapons even more so. Although a lot of the OOW weapons/items in EQ were just plain silly graphics. I remember that fondly.

  13. Oh yes! My dwarf guardian is wearing all “heavy padded armor” that he made himself, and he looks like the Michelin man! Augh! And it’s all this weird light mauve color. I swear it looks like he grabbed a dirty mattress and strapped it around himself.

    Well he’s 15 now so I’ll be getting some heavy armor and farming for trait upgrades and metal to sell. That and maybe make some hobbit characters to try out. I’m on Landroval, though I have a hobbit on Gladden I might abandon. if anyone else is on landroval send me an email.

    So far I’ve only opened 7 bug reports, it’s pretty solid. Though I also agree on realistic vs cartoony, except for the landscapes. I love to look at the LOTRO landsapes while running around.

  14. The landscapes are the number one reason I want to play the game, to be honest. I keep stopping and just looking at it, very realistic.

  15. My biggest complaint so far about LOTRO’s graphics is the shading. Partly because all PCs and NPCs seem ‘brighter’ than their environments, and partly how PC/NPC shadows on the ground simply do not display far away from view (unless I missed a setting), the results looks to me at all times as if all entities are somehow superimposed on the environment. Not really part of it.

    And it’s not a gamma issue, I’ve fiddled with that. I’m usually quite forgiving about graphics and I have no problems with a lot of things normally. Oblivion’s blurry distant landscape textures, for example, I take it on the chin because it’s a tech limitation. Same with other things. But LOTRO’s shading gets me every single time I load it up.

    Not enough to break the game for me, but bad enough that I keep thinking, every time, how disjointed it looks.

    The landscapes and environments are top notch, though, so it really balances it out.

  16. At night, I found the Big Dipper, and watched the moon move for a few minutes.

  17. How is she getting xp? There is no xp for doing the dishes/laundary/sex

    Sounds like she’s strayed from the script….

    And yeah… I would say this in front of my own wife w/o fear…

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