Tell Me How Very Wrong I Am

One reason I write is to learn. We toss ideas out and see how far they go. The blog has ideas, opinions, anecdotes, questions, speculation, snark, rants, reviews, half-formed ideas, and well-considered proposals. My specialty seems to be extended ruminations that explore several aspects of an idea without necessarily going anywhere. We have many notions that could be improved by further discussion and critique.

Some posts are entirely ironic or intentionally skewed because exploring a wrong answer can shed light on the right answer. Sometimes the answer to “why isn’t anyone doing this” is “they are.” Ideas can be really dumb, tried and already failed, or pure GENIUS! If I ever work for a game developer, I expect to say, “Yep, that was 85% wrong” regularly. We keep trying new things or old things in new ways, and some of them will work. If I ever run out of bad ideas, I will probably be out of good ones too.

So thanks for contributing and critiquing. It’s your site too.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Tell Me How Very Wrong I Am”

  1. Come now, don’t be so hard on yourself. There are people that have built their entire careers on mistakes and getting it wrong.

    But I won’t name them. Or the companies they work for now after leaving Ion Storm.

  2. I can’t help but say that I have the exact same view of writing, discussion, etc. Even normal conversation has the potential for interesting ideas.

  3. The words of the wise.

    This being said, is there anything new under the sun?
    Even that question is a cliche.

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