A Quest! aka Contest!

Hail adventurers! I have a task I need done, but alas I am unable to do it myself. You see, my feet have become permanently connected to the ground here where I stand. I would be so very thankful if you could help me out. Are you too busy to help? No? Good. Oh yes, I do have a reward for you should you complete my task well, but first let me tell you what I need.

I am gathering information about the great heroes that travel through my little town. What I need is for you to gather up the story or make a sketch of one of these brave guardians of our lands. Perhaps even you qualify? I will choose one of the many tales or sketches that will hopefully be shared with me by you and the other adventurers willing to help. The best will be rewarded.

In other words, I am looking to reward creativity so send me your character’s short story or a sketch/drawing of your character. The character should be from any current or past MMO titles. The submissions will be voted on by the KTR staff and the winners will be sent a complimentary copy of Robert “Nicodemus” Rice’s book MMO Evolution, autographed by the author himself. That’s right, I have two copies to give away. One for the best short story and one for the best picture. You may submit an entry to both, but you can only win one book.

The contest will run for a few weeks or until we get enough suitable entries. Former and present KTR staff members are not eligible. All submissions should be new originals and you can retain the rights to any and all copyrights. I’m not going to restrict the contest to location as long as it is on this planet. If I have to eat some extra shipping costs to get it to Iceland, so be it. Perhaps the book can start you down the path to becoming a great game designer. I hope that is enough rules and such, any questions let me know. Remember to submit them to me via email and don’t forget your contact information and address. The best submissions will be shared here for all to see when the contest is finished.

So far we have two story entries and no art entries. 50% chance to win the book on the story side and 100% for the art if someone sends something in. Let’s see what you have, no need to be shy.

– Ethic

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  1. Interesting contest. I do think Treenara will be up to the task and have a few stories to tell.

    I’ll start putting some ideas, and who knows, maybe I’ll soon have some reading to do!!

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