He Who Shall Not Be Named

I have seen several posts and received several messages about that lawyer from Florida. Fox even gave him air time. I encourage you to deal with him as you would any other troll. Ignoring the bad eggs and blocking them from your life is the only way to make them go away.

This is the opposite of Voldemort. Saying his name grants him more power (publicity). Resist the urge. Don’t feel the need to mention every time the monkeys at the zoo fling poo — that is just what monkeys do.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “He Who Shall Not Be Named”

  1. Enh. Wrong tactic if you ask me. The only reason anyone should ignore him is if by paying attention to him, you give him credibility. Jack Thompson has no credibility the games industry can give him. I know of no game news source that actually takes him seriously, in fact the only people who do are the main stream media, and they don’t take their cues from kotaku, digg, or elsewhere. They don’t read on arstechnica about Jack Thompson being a complete buffoon and say “oh we should get him on our show as an expert!”

    He’s a very talented parasite, who will get on the news whether we like it or not, its best that if people choose to further research him, what they find is the truth about the guy.

    So the only remaining useful tactic is to pay close attention to what he does, and make sure as many people as possible know that he is wrong, inaccurate, and a complete nutjob.

  2. So far, it appears he wasn’t even a casual game player, although he probably played one here and there. What he was was a really messed up person who wrote most of it down.

    Apparently Microsoft Word is to blame! I knew there was a reason I get mad doing letters at work! *gets the torches and pitchforks*

  3. Regarding Trolls, I’d normally agree. Thompson is a special case, however. I think the more the community steps up and publically calls him on every outrageous thing he says, the more likely a Google search on his name will tell a potential media outlet all they need to know about him. Make it so every search on his name comes up with showing what a fraud he is, and eventually his days of being taken seriously by the media will be over.

  4. If you want to do that, just frequently link the name to some relevant page detailing outrages. Better yet, I assume that Wikipedia is on the first page of Google links for just about everything, so keep that entry accurate and you win.

    Pigs. Wrestling. Mud.

    If you want to engage, engage those who publicize him. Contact the network or the show’s sponsors. The sponsors may be a better route.

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