Thorin’s Hall

I only recently started playing a Dwarf in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. I just logged out after spending time in Thorin’s Hall. Simply amazing. I can’t say enough about how beautiful this place is. I grabbed some screenshots to share, even though my graphics settings were not as high as they could be. I still think it looks fantastic.

Outside Thorin's Hall
Up first is the view from the courtyard outside. You can see Thorin’s Hall up the stairs to the right.

Outside Thorin's Hall
As I approached, you can really start to get an idea of the scale of this place.

Inside Thorin's Hall
Once inside, this is the view that awaits you.

Thorin's Hall
I start down the ramp and take note of the size of the other people at the bottom. This place is HUGE.

Thorin's Hall
This is a shot taken near the statue, looking back at the entrance.

Thorin's Hall
Here is a look down the long hallway that was behind the big statue.

Thorin's Hall
Now I am about halfway down the hallway, still running!

Thorin's Hall
Finally at the end of the Great Hall, Dwalin is at the throne.

Thorin's Hall
Turn around and look back at where I came from.

Thorin's Hall
Now about halfway back to the statue again.

Thorin's Hall
One of the several halls off to the side of the main hall.

Thorin's Hall
Another one.

Thorin's Hall
They even have a waterfall.

But how did Guard-Captain Unnarr manage to be in two places at the same time?

Well that was enough to renew the interest of the explorer in me. I’ll be picking it up and looking around for a few months. You’ll find me on the Landroval server.

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Thorin’s Hall”

  1. I like the interior much better, personally. It’s austere, but more eye-catching to me (except the forge area… that’s just bleh).

    Other places to check and screengrab:

    – The bridge by Duillond (or Celondim, can’t remember)
    – The view south from Bag End
    – The view of Weathertop from the Forsaken Inn
    – The marshes from the slopes of Staddle/Chetwood
    – Starmere Lake in Breeland – just gorgeous – and the view from the nearby ruins high on a hill. Awesome, probably one of my favorites.
    – ‘Course, the view as you pass the gates of Imladris and find Rivendell.
    – The little stream just outside Breetown, by the bridge, west gate. Great in the afternoons.

    Speaking of interiors now, can’t really beat the fire hall in Rivendell.

  2. My friend got me to visit him at Thorin’s hall this past weekend and I agree that it is most impressive, it does a great job of being immense and making you feel quite small. It was also worth turning on shadows while I was in there to add to the effect.
    My other favorite places to sightsee were from the top of Weathertop and in Rivendell, particularly the fire hall as Julian mentioned and its waterfall.

    I’ll also be on Landroval as Tringard and Padno if you want some company.

  3. Rivendell, by far, especially once cresting the hilltops on the way down to it, is a sight to behold, that’s for sure.

    The landscapes in LotRO are the 1st in an MMO to make me stop and stare.

  4. I just came back from Best Buy’s flagship store which is a few blocks from my office. They did not have any copies on the shelf so I asked at the desk. All the copies they have are pre-ordered. I pre-ordered two of them (my wife is still having fun in WoW and she did not want to start a different game yet) so I asked if I could apply both pre-orders to one box and they said sure. They gave me the choice of the normal box or the Special Edition (SE). They appeared to have about 20 total copies, 6 of which were SE.

    I picked the SE and as a surprise they also gave me a $10 gift card with the purchase. Pretty nice deal.

  5. Wow, I’m surprised they were all pre-ordered… maybe the hype machine worked for the sales, after all. I hope they can retain the customers.

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