coh[City of Heroes] Issue 9 is live, with the Invention system, CoX’s answer to loot. I worry about that, since one of the things I liked about CoX was the lack of loot (and need to worry about it), and now I assume that some things will be rebalanced with the expectation of players using Invented stuff.

Links: [announcement], [patch notes], [ruminations on the third anniversary]

I was planning to resubscribe tonight, but that was before I saw the new Issue. I am not sure that I want to suggest to their data-mining that I came back because I really wanted loot in CoX, so I am here bright and happy one Day One of its existence. Conveniently, it looks like the game will be updating for at least an hour, so I don’t need to worry about that tonight. The download continues…

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Breakthrough”

  1. I’d be more worried about it, except that Enhancement Diversification is still in place. There’s some side benefits to completing sets of IOs, but nothing that looks too ridiculously powerful. Mostly, they’re just nice little perks, like 5% Fire/Cold resistance or Health. Of course, I haven’t looked too closely at it, but I took a look at a build by someone that had been keeping an eye on it, and it didn’t look like it was too bad.

    I expect most people will use them, especially after level 26, where IOs break even in terms of effectiveness with SOs, as SOs they don’t have to replace.

  2. To add to BCoJ, they’re not going to make anything more powerful to “compensate” for IO-enhanced players.

    At least, the devs have _said_ they’re not going to make anything more powerful. Whether you think you can believe them is, of course, up to you.


  3. Check your email before you resub. I got a notice saying I can play for free this weekend and download the new patch.
    “Issue 9: Breakthrough is Live and We’ve Reactivated Your Account For the Weekend!”
    Not sure if it’s due to the fact that our accounts are really old, or the length of time they have been inactive. But you may get the chance to try it out without dropping the $15 on a month.

  4. Many expired accounts are already active through this weekend. No need to wait until then.

    So far, it looks promising. The inventions are nice without being game-breaking, lite enough loot that it doesn’t break the low-loot feel, but interesting enough (particularly the rare “sets”) to keep you engaged.

    Wentworth’s/black market is a bit different from the auction house: blind bidding, cross server, and requiring commissions. It will take a different strategy to play the market here.

    Come on over and check it out!

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