Zubon in the City

coh[City of Heroes] I will be recording the various things that occur to me in my return to City of Heroes/Villains after a three-month vacation. I have no idea where this is going, so let’s see. I’ll put it after the break, in case it turns out not to be interesting. Liveblogging CoX, woo!

  • Whoa, I’m a contact. One of the hero Invention tutorial trainers is me in a brown suit.
  • The contacts use the term “mobs.” That’s…interesting.
  • Woot, Task Force Pinnacle! On Pinnacle! We will save the day for Statesman!
  • Wow, first AV went down like a punk. Dominators are not popular for LRSF, but Controllers rock for SSF. My fulcrum was well shifted. Also, lots of Hami-Os in play.
  • Four more AVs, one at a time. This really isn’t fair to them.
  • Evil Civic Squad! A group of villain bosses, all custom. Keen!
  • That villain respec is much easier with heroes. Again, level 50 heroes with 2 Defenders, 3 Controllers,and a bunch of Hami-Os. I hope it’s this easy with my Blaster.
  • Dr. Aeon shoots out mini-Dr. Aeons. Nice! If only my Blaster could exude Scrappers…
  • I am sensing lots of excitement here. I must be enjoying myself.
  • I had forgotten how fast-paced this game is. Zip zoom next boom!!!
  • No new crashes for me yet. A few other people on the team and TS have been dropping, but not me.
  • And break. First binge over. Hey, I’m still married!
  • And my Kinetics Defender has “Saved the World.” Go Task Force Pinnacle!

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Zubon in the City”

  1. The contacts use the term “mobs.” That’s…interesting.

    In their defense, we are talking about groups of people, usually linked to criminal acts, rampaging the streets.

  2. I hate the term “mob.” Mainly because MObs (Mobile Objects) tend to hang out in mobs (large groups) in modern games.

    This turns it into a sloppy and confusing way of communicating with people who aren’t familiar with MMO terminology.

    “Hey look that noob is being mobbed by a sloppy mob of blob mobs.”

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