Vocabulary Varies

I have sometimes worried about how freakish we sound using our gamer jargon. There is an old (Gen Con?) sketch in which two TSR employees are discussing Top Secret: SI in a bar, in which they terrify the patrons (and get arrested) by excitedly discussing having shot a bunch of people on their latest mission. Our own people get confused looks when we talk about raining fiery death upon our enemies and who got that huge gun that dropped.

Then I heard my brother telling some poker stories, one of which involved a poor fellow who kept losing despite repeatedly flopping the nuts. And no one even blinked.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Vocabulary Varies”

  1. Haha, that’s a disturbing mental image now planted in my mind. And no, I don’t play poker so I don’t know what it really means >.

  2. I used to enjoy it when my EQ friends would call me at work. The look of shock on the faces of people as they overheard me saying “Ya, so we can just kill the guards and then see if they have anything good” and the like was priceless.

  3. The fellow thought he had the nuts. Someone else was apparently nuttier. Kind of like how you can draw AA and still lose.

  4. So he didn’t flop the nuts then, gotcha. Nuts means you have the best possible hand and thus cannot lose.

  5. I presume the intention was that, until the last card, he had the best possible hand or something very close. I have frequently heard the term used as “unbeatable” in a probabilistic sense rather than absolute.

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