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After taking Zubon up on his offer for the trial run on CoH/CoV and reactivating my old account there, I decided I would give the dark side a try. With only 10 days to play with, and my limited play time, I probably should have waited for my upcoming mini vacation, but I wasn’t thinking clearly.

After going through assorted hurdles to log in (i.e. I forgot my password and login), I created my first Villian. I was disappointed but not entirely surprised to see they mostly sounded similar to the archetypes on the Hero side. However, I saw one that interested me, that was different from anything I’d played in CoH before – the Mastermind. After ensuring I had my pinky finger properly placed at the edge of my mouth, I began playing with the still-unmatched character creation screens.

Hands down, CoH has the best character creation area ever. No one simply comes close. You can change ANYTHING, and change it a million ways. Anyone ever do the math on how many possible choices there are? With my son looking over my shoulder and making suggestions, I selected a micro-sized slim man, with a full length torn trenchcoat that flowed in a way that continues to impress me. Adding some spikes on the shoulders, a few minor touches, and I had my new man on the street. The name, and a few character uniform changes were made after choosing his power set – Thugs. Again, the character creator’s ability to allow me to scroll back and forth is a plus you just don’t see elsewhere. I added force fields as his other power, another one I never played, and entered the game.

I’ve played a few days now and must admit the Mastermind is a fun class. My son enjoys watching my Thugs go crazy (the single thug wasn’t interesting enough). I’m wondering why this class delivered so many popups/warning messages about being hard to control, as I’m not having a lot of difficulty, and this is without reading any manuals or the like. Perhaps it’s because I played a pet class in EQ for 7 years, and EQ’s pet classes always had to be ready to cover for the game’s inability to handle pets.

Last night I played around with the Invention system and was amazed at how easily and cheaply I could created very powerful (at level 9 at least) items. Either this is something unusual, or this is going to get nerfed soonish. I also was recruited to a Supergroup, and as I had no reason to avoid it, I decided to join up. I was asked then to go to SG mode so that I could accrue infamy (I think?) for the SG. I have no idea what this is for, but I did so. There was no guild uniform, so my hard work designing my costume was not voided. This then built up automagically while I killed, without costing me anything that I could tell. Still looking into what this is.

My main concern with the game is wondering if the horrible treadmill of 32+ has been modified. That was the reason I’ve left the game before, several times, and I can see it being so again, thus taking the trial membership. If the class continues to be fun, I might take a small break from WoW (after all, I’ve got an epic mount, raided KZ, heroic-keyed two characters, and mastered 4 tradeskills) and play for a month as a diversion. As my trial days run, I’ll try to chronicle some of my adventures here for your amusement. For now, back to work in my secret identity as mild-mannered Oz…

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  1. The treadmill is still there, and almost as bad as ever. It’s slow, it’s grinding, it’s a pain in the ass. It is slightly better, in that there are Mayhem/Safeguard misisons, but the amount of XP and the time spent gaining it is jsut as bad as ever. They’ve said they plan to make some new 35-45 content in the next Issue, but who knows when that’s going to be. Regardless, it’s certainly not going to minimize the amount of time to level, which is the major downfall of the game post-20.

  2. I disagree on the treadmill- particularly the Villain side, compared to hero-side. On villain-side, you’ll find fewer missions that send you to other zones, so less travel time. That’s a major time savings right there.

    Of course, I never really understood the grind-to-50 craziness, but with the revamped hamidon raids and task forces, I can see the extra incentive to get there. I’d rather keep to small groups that let me actually read the stories I’m unraveling between missions than large powerleveling missions where it seems to be endless battles in maps that all blend together.

    Don’t ignore the other villain archetypes just because they sound like hero equivalents. They tend to play very different than you’d expect.

    Every CoV newb seems to take brutes to be Tanks, but they’re more in common with scrappers. Masterminds are the truest tank Villains have.

    Corruptors are a good hybrid of blasters and defenders- and a very fun class to play. If you try to play as a full-support “heal, don’t fight” like many PUG’s expect a defender to do, you won’t be worth your salt to the team. If you try to focus on the blasting part, it’s much the same. An effective corruptor is forced to be the master of multitasking- shooting one second, healing another, re-applying buffs another.

    Stalkers… again, not scrappers. The stealth attack is their prime resource- nothing like it heroside- and they don’t have the staying power of scrappers for the straight-up fight.

    Dominators: they scale with teams. The “domination” buff comes back extremely fast in larger groups, leading to much fewer “low” periods for them. Soloing a dom is something else.

  3. I’ll cite my own CoV comments here, which includes links to discussions about most of the classes.

    The SG was recruiting newbs to get “prestige.” Prestige is used to build and maintain supergroup bases. It accumulates when you play in supergroup mode, but the amount you generate is constant rather than increasing when you level. Until level 24, it is just gravy; for 10 levels, you start losing infamy (cash) when you are generating prestige; and then you must choose between either prestige or infamy. Many SGs recruit as many low-level players as they can and milk them for prestige.

    Inventions are currently a little wacky because the economy is. If you want lots of cheap enhancements, just go to the black market (auction house), bid low on some enhancements you can use, and reap. Because people (like *ahem* me) are working on the crafting badges, they are flooding the market with invention enhancements, which also drives up the price of salvage. Some common salvage sells for 100,000, for which you can outfit a low-level character without even being careful about bidding/buying.

  4. You know, we really should all get on the same server and actually play together. I unsubbed to all my active mmo accounts, but resubbed to CoV/CoH. It’s casual enough that I can put time into other things and not feel like I am being left behind in the dust when I return.

  5. I’d concur, but I am at a LAN party this weekend, so I cannot commit. I think I’m empty-ish on Victory and a few others.

  6. I think the grind in CoH is just too much anyways, primarily because there’s no real sense of incremental improvement. You get your level, get a new power and slot it, then play for 4-6 hours and get another level and get two more slots for it. Hoo-ray.

    Over in WoW, you get your level, assign your talent point, buy your spells, maybe hit the AH and upgrade a piece of gear, go out and adventure, skin/mine/pick grass, improve your tradeskill, make/find a couple new pieces of gear, and then, before you know it, you’ve leveled and it’s time to assign another talent point. The only thing to look forward to in CoH is the (slowly) unfolding story and “1 bubble filled. 2 bubbles filled. 3 bubbles filled.”

    If they either cut the XP requirements by about half to two thirds or made it so that characters actually felt like they were improving somehow over that 6 hour gap between levels, or preferably both, I doubt I would have ever stopped subscribing. I don’t particularly like “Hey, it’s another orc with an axe,” but I stick with WoW because the progression is much better than CoH/V, at least until you’re spending 15 minutes out of every hour on a gryphon. If they had combined that with allowing for power customization, they would have had me for quite possibly the life of the MMO, or at least until the Marvel one (also made by Cryptic) rolled out.

  7. Oh, and if the KTR gameday is open invite, I’m up for pretty much any server. I’ve got trashable characters on any of them.

  8. You know, some people might say that the whole purpose of inventions is to do that whole “incrementally improve your character over the course of a level instead of just when it starts” thing.

    Just sayin’.

    Inventions are currently working pretty much as intended. The ones you make at 25 or 30 you can pretty much leave in for the life of the character if you really want. But you don’t really want, because set bonuses are freakin’ sweet. The percentage an IO gives in bonus doesn’t change over its lifetime. So, no more worries about being crunched for cash when you get slotted up.


  9. Okies, so Victory? I am playing on Guardian currently, but just give me another reason to play with that wonderful character creation toy (I will not go into the hours I have spent creating new characters, but suffice it to say, it’s been more than actual play time).

    Let me work out some more specifics. Like do we just wander around and broadcast, “Are you TGB? Is Oz online?! Where are you Zubon? Is that you Chas?”

  10. I’m on Liberty, but then again I’m not playing right now either. Why do I post this? I know not why.

  11. Yeah, the inventions may be just what I’m looking for re: incremental improvement. Unfortunately, I burned out on the game about 3 weeks shy of I9, so I’m having trouble seeing it that way.

  12. I’d also be up for finding KTR people on CoX. I’m working on a young defender on Guardian, and have a 32MM on Infinity. Global chat handle’s @Jezebeau if anyone wants to find me.

  13. Finishing up a paper on deviance and then I will actually put together something quick and easy on Victory. New characters, CoV, etc. I can grind up a char to start an SG, and it will be casual. Just have to get beyond deviant behavior and figuring out how to present it as being beneficial society without sounding like a complete deviant myself.

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