Da Most Int’restin Sellin’ Place in the Woild

For last night’s adventure, I decided to take a trip the the university and then the black market. As my little Mastermind was but 7th, this was an interesting trip. Still, I survived and made it to CoV’s auction house, which should really be called cBay (with the good guy version called hBay, of course). Silly copyright restrictions.

MY main purpose for visiting was to first of all make some enhancements using this new system. I’m a tradeskill addict from way back, so I was all over this. Unfortunately, you have to be 10th to run the tutorial (my allotted salvage storage was full, woe is me), but I was still able to do the combines after I figured out where to go. It’s easy, and I happily found you cannot fail. Take that, cruel EQ1 system! I made a few for myself, noting that they were ~4% better than anything I could possibly buy, and then made my way to the auction house. Hopefully to find my server’s Zubon and be 100k richer.

The auction search engine…well, what can I say? I love it. I’m going to guess there are not that many items possible to search, because constant, real-time status updates plus prompted item titles seems painful to run on a lot of items. I had little trouble finding most of my items, and after a few false starts, emptied my newbie bag onto the Market. I sold several items for 20K, which I then turned around into buying a reciepe for the Pet set with. I also made the mistake of listing a bunch of items for 100 infamy, which sold quickly. This was a mistake since they sell for that to a vendor, but selling it on the Market costs me a listing fee, so I lost probably 50 or so infamy before I realized that.

After a little while, I left the Market and ran back to the University to make my new pet-set enhancements. Set bonuses, ah, I’m familiar with that. I slotted my pets with their new enhancements, smiled at the bonuses, and ran off. Hammie-O’s at 7th. Gotta love it.

Following that, I ran around doing a few missions, including my first mayhem mission (very fun!), and found out that there’s a Market in newbie town, and I didn’t need to risk life and limb as I had. Silly Oz. I’m to the point now that I understand the game more, although I’m still not satisfied with the pet commands (a defensive position that doesn’t randomly attack things would be nice), but otherwise favorable. I’ve also got an award that says “thanks for 3 years of playing” which has a free tailor session attached to it, yet I get prompted every time I log in that I have no free tailor sessions. I’m assuming my reactivated account has confused their system a bit, so not really worrying about that.

Current CoV grade: 3 Oz’s on a 5 Oz scale.

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8 thoughts on “Da Most Int’restin Sellin’ Place in the Woild”

  1. The veteran system rewards have to be claimed through the badge bar. This is to prevent the veteran reward respecs from overwriting each other, and to make the Veteran Reward powers selectable.

    The Veteran Power Sands of Mu are particularly useful for starting characters, although eventually they aren’t worth the animation time as you get your own powers.

  2. Jinkies! Hmm, I will give give that a thorough reading. Still deciding if I want to open up a monthlong term on the game again. Twice burned…

    Do you get a kickback if I decide before my trial is up? I’d think faster, if so.

  3. I don’t know if it is timing related. There may be some time frame, but not just during the trial days. I think I get a free month if you buy a month, but I don’t know how that works if you are re-subscribing. I’m not worrying about it.

  4. There is a defensive setting for pet’s and it’s useful as anything. The pet health menu has a tab for ‘advanced mode’ that shows additional commands. One of these is a blue shield icon for ‘Defensive Mode’.

    When on Defensive, pets will attack anything that hits them or you. You can also drag the button to you action bar and use a hotkey for that mode. Also, when pets are on passive or defensive, the mastermind shares damage they take with the pets. So if you take 100 damage and your, say, three pets are in one of these two modes, the ‘Bodyguard’ ability has you and each pet takes 25 damage.

    Bodyguard doesn’t work in reverse, though. If your pets are hit for 100 damage, that pet just takes the damage.

  5. I’m floored by the consignment house’s capabilities, too- fast-loading and rapidly updated despite working across all the servers. I’d previously predicted that the cross-server part would be scrapped early on due to performance reasons. Glad I was wrong there.

    As others have mentioned, all your “Veteran Rewards” (including some free powers) must be redeemed from the veteran badges. That was so you could choose when to use your costume token (for the big changes, not something like a cheap color tweak.) You probably have a few free respec tokens there and a “temp” power or two that aren’t so temporary.

    As for binds- there are some excellent “advanced” mastermind binds out there, as others have mentioned. Mine are mostly “atmosphere” binds: I have several dozen different animated conversations for my henchmen to rotate through while playing them.

  6. Wait…hold on a sec. The consignment house is CROSS-SERVER? If that’s true, I am truly impressed.

    I played with the house again some more last night. Apparently magic salvage must be rare, because I can sell common as dirt stuff for 20-50k easily. My now level 10 MM is decked out in a full set of one of the pet sets of invented enhancements, which besides being better than any I could possibly buy currently, are covering 2-3 stats EACH, give me a set bonus, and never go grey. To me, that’s way overpowered. I ran some basic math on them and there’s no reason for me to even worry about replacing them until around 20 as the storebought ones don’t catch up to even a single one of the stats until ~16. Crazy.

    Add that to the few other hammie-o type double invented enhancements I have made now and my power level at 10 seems too high. Oh, and all the free temp travel powers have made it so I don’t have to make that tough choice, at least currently. It’s kinda nice.

  7. One more note on ye house.

    If you’ve got a flea market and you have the brass statue your Aunt Martha gave you out there with a $10 tag on it, and some guy in a natty suit comes up and says “What an exquisite piece of work, my good man! I’ll pay you $10,000 for it!” you take his $10,000, amirite?

    If you list something for 100, it will sell for whatever people bid for it. They bid 100 it sells for 100. They bid 100,000, it sells for 100,000. If you sold some salvage at 100, that’s le ouch, but you’re definitely allowed to cash in on an overbid.


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