Ex-Sigil Interview

I don’t normally post just a link to another site, but I think this ex-Sigil employee interview at F13 is too important not to send people to it.

Some highlights:

Ex-Sigil: QA was one person up until about November… ONE.

Ex-Sigil: Well, worst of all.. at the end of Sigil, Brad wasn’t even there to look us in the eye and apologize.

Go there now.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Ex-Sigil Interview”

  1. wow….just…..wow.

    Not sure how valid this interview was but you can sence the defeat in this person. I have never wanted to work in the game industry less then after I read that. Grain of salt and open wounds aside, Vanguard was circling the drain a long time before it even hit beta. To bad. Maybe SOE or who ever can pull it off with a few years of patches an upgrades….if it’s allowed to live.

  2. That’s rather iffy. They’d have to fix the *graphics engine*, and there are major problems with the way they tie chunks of the world together (like all pets/your horse/escorted NPCs disappearing when crossed). I’m starting to get tired of the half-finished pile of crap, when the most recent patches all focus on class balance. This is particularly exasperating because changing a few cooldowns and costs is changing a few tabulated values; it’s not code-heavy business. I wonder, then, where the lead programmer is, and why no one’s heard anything about their progress.

  3. This particular interview sounds a bit like someone has an axe to grind, true or not. The part where he claims Brad was saying stuff about ‘likely buying a house thanks to his stock’ seems a bit hard to swallow.

    Having said that, it’s certainly not the first time a company (MMO related or not) has failed due to bad management and the inability to recognise and promote good workers not good self-promoters. Brad might have been the only person with the required clout to shake it up, but if this article is even half true it sounds like he decided the fight wasn’t worth it for the product they had by then.

    Vanguard – Started late and released early, may you rest in peace providing ballast for SOE’s station exchange.

  4. Damn, I typo’d my eulogy :(

    I meant Station Access of course, curse my twisted mind!

    (Although I suppose there’s got to be a chance SOE will make some RMT servers for Vanguard, seems to be the direction they are going in)

  5. Man, if this was a healthcare software company, I would think this is where I work at. Everyone should have an axe to grind if you have ever been through a project managed like that.

    So dude/dudette if you reading this, keep the faith of making MMOs. Many of us know that management is lacking everywhere.

    I understand now why SOE picked up this game, 65% is a good place to have a cadre of good devs come in and finish out a game.

    I hope this is held up as the other end of the MMO spectrum as how not to waste talent and a shitload of money.

    I hope this helps the industry as a whole, good management is the ability to balance and being fair to not only yourself, and those you supervise. It is also the ability to make something work right the first time.

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