EVE[EVE Online] [Later update: this was probably not a real thing, at least not exactly as stated. While there may have been some official misconduct, the likely larger story is one faction from the game playing the metagame and “working the refs.”] Have you heard about the latest EVE scandal? You can read about it here or here; you can read about the previous (similar) one here, although that one did not include abuse of volunteer staff. Wasn’t it nice when the drama was just about players cheating each other? Is it an official perk for employees that you can ban people if their presence annoys your friends?

So I’m about to uninstall EVE. I am not currently subscribed, and I cannot think of anything that would make me re-subscribe at this point. Also, I do not plan to try World of Darkness Online, as I would hate to find my chantry deleted because someone’s friends’ Garou wanted a new caern.

: Zubon

Update: CCP responds. I am headed out of town, and with any luck there will be a more complete response from CCP when I get back. My apologies in advance if I have contributed to unfair accusations.

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  1. Ugh, it’s nasty stuff. But I just hate to see everyone overeacting again, it reminds me of the hundreds of people that (say they) quit when the patchnotes of some patch are out again and whine about nerfs/buffs.

  2. And what would be the appropriate number of times for a company’s employees to cheat paying customers on behalf of their friends before quitting is not overreacting?

  3. If SirMolle is a rich bastard irl and pays real-life money to CCP so he can dominate in Eve, I see a good reason to quit. But I think that’s rather unlikely. As I said, I’ve no idea how serious it is, but I don’t believe it has a that big impact in the game. It’s a strong organized 1000 player alliance with lots of veterans and high skilled commanders, them having some dev-friends isn’t what made them big.

  4. My account with EvE is now and forever closed. This item is a bit old in nature, but the basis of it was never addressed.

    In no way may any MMO publisher give -any- preferential treatment to any player, ever.

    CCP has a track record of it, and I refuse to continue paying into that system of favoritism. Ever.

    Yeah, hope the card game pans out for them.. I wont be helping to support them.

    One must wonder… is this sort of thing a result of bringing players in to help with a game, or is it endemic to the genre as a whole? Can a company run a game (with real people) and ensure those people maintain a disconnection from other players?

    I’m not sure they can. FunCom was pretty strict on this when I was in their ARK program… They had constant auditing going on those players that volunteered to help out. I’m rather confused how CCP missed all this.

    No, actually… it smacks of willful acquiesence. I find it hard to believe CCP was ignorant (at least totally) of the things going on.

    I cant subscribe for a game I feel there might be even a hint of favoritism. And I’m seeing more than a hint here.

  5. The only one where I could see it not being a huge problem, in any of the ones that I’ve played, is the City of games. There’s not really that much loot, even with the invention system, so bumping characters that way isn’t likely to work. Anybody that suddenly jumps ten levels is going to be noticed pretty easily, so that’s out. The SGs max out at 75 characters, so there’s not much that can be done to influence the fortunes of a single SG and have it matter.

  6. I closed my account when they first admitted to this sort of behavior. I don’t see me going back ever, and things like this just confirm my decision. It seems the publicity events such as these provide brings more subscribers so I’m not sure they will be very motivated to “fix” this problem.

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