Setting My Hearthstone

I started reading Kill Ten Rats a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. For me it has since transcended the traditional MMO Blog role, and become more akin to a community center or traffic hub from whence all travel to other new and interesting places in this fine realm we like to call the MMO Blogosphere, begins.

KTR reminds me a bit of the Nexus in Norrath, or perhaps Shattrath City in Azeroth; a place to meet friends, chat, trade ideas, and find portals to zip off to distant lands in search of the next rat listed in your quest log.

So as any sane traveler would, I’ve decided to set my bind here for a while.

At the present time, I am grinding out my virtual existence in Azeroth. I spend most of my time raiding, and I hope to share some of my thoughts on World of Warcraft and the MMO raid game in general, as time and inclination permits.

Well, It looks like the rats are starting to respawn, so I’ve got to run, but it is an honor and a privilage to be joining these esteemed mob hunters, and this fine community at Kill Ten Rats.


8 thoughts on “Setting My Hearthstone”

  1. Hiyas Cyndre! I think we bumped into each other back in Norrath…at least my addled mind seems to remember that. In any case, welcome to the team!

  2. Thanks ya’ll! I am looking forward to contributing here. What makes KTR such a great site, is the writers come from a diverse gaming backround, representing many games, and playstyles. Readers get a broad view of the genre and the industry, and no one takes themselves too seriously. Hopefully I can carry the torch in my own way.

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