Grinding Made (Slightly) Fun

I’ve been out of it for a bit, recovering from some surgery, which gave me an unrivaled chance for me to be a complete sponge and play a lot. Which I did, after watching a few seasons of Scrubs on DVD whilst the fogginess faded. My wife enjoyed pointing out the irony of that hourly. I’m playing CoV once in a while, trying to get my Mastermind up to 30 to see about the former No Man’s Land that used to be there, but more often I’ve been playing around with the new Daily Quests in WoW. And despite the fact I find grinding to be almost as much fun as lighting myself on fire, I’ve actually enjoyed them. Short enough, profitable enough, and easy enough. That’s the Cliff’s Notes version.

The Daily Quests are a strange beast. They basically are faction farming, which has been in WoW for a long time, and generally not fun. You know you wanted that +15 agility enchant on your hunter, but you had zero desire to kill the two billion owlmen to get the faction needed to do so. As well with the other factions in WoW 1.0. I, myself, did the grind for Argent Dawn, and hated the last half of it. Faction on limited monsters, in limited dungeons, and me constantly begging for groups to kill them.

These new faction quests pay well, from 12-19g, and give a healthy amount of faction, usually 350-500 points. Also, as you scale up in standing with a group, you tend to get more that you can do, which are introduced fairly nicely. The item I like most about them is they are fairly quick, with a limited focus. Many of them can be done in under 20 minutes. I honestly don’t care if uber farmer boy is able to do it in 5, and with this system, I don’t have to fight with him for spawns. After he does his loop, he’s done. So I, as a person with a family, job, and life, can still generally “keep up”, if I’m worried about that. If I’m not, I know at least that I’m slowly and steadily working towards a goal without having to devote days killing a mob for 1 faction. Yes, it’s probably close to the same count, but you “feel” better by them. And the element of not having to fight someone for those limited faction mobs is a huge plus.

I wish they’d toss in a few more, for some of the other factions of Outland. I dislike that everything in Outland is faction based, as that seems like “fake” content – forcing me to grind for grinding sake. I still have many SL runs needed on my main characters, for example, as that’s the only place they can get Lower City rep. Ah, to dream.

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  1. God, there isn’t anywhere more annoying than Shadow Labs. I also, totally agree with your assessment of the Ogrila and Netherwing questlines. They were very well done and are at the very least, a nice steady source of income to defray some repair bills.

  2. My only complaint with the Ogri’La ones is the absolutely horrible framerates Blade’s Edge gives. I don’t know one person who can fly those during prime time without lag. However, a single bombing run is 500 faction with Ogri’La and Skyguard, which is better than doing a single daily for either, and only slightly harder.

    I love the Netherwing ones. I’ve made 2K gold this week from the quests drops loot.

  3. Faction grinding is one of the main reasons I have no real wish to get anywhere near the cap in WoW anytime soon. Well, and raiding. And keeping up with the Joneses on gear. I’d like to see the content, but from what I have seen, there’s nowhere near enough inducement for grinding my way up.

  4. Shadow Labs is easy. Try Shattered Halls for Thrallmar rep. 3 months of LFG not one has made it into the dungeon, much less clear it.

    Now we get 1 daily quest for 150 honor per day. I’m honored, I need 527 more days to revered. Thanks Blizzard.

  5. I just came back to the game and wasn’t even aware of these daily quests. Sounds like a good idea for those of us pressed for time! :)

  6. […Shadow Labs is easy. Try Shattered Halls for Thrallmar rep. 3 months of LFG not one has made it into the dungeon, much less clear it…]

    I did not mean to imply that it is hard, it just is so time intensive. A full clear of SLabs before 2.1.0 could run 3-4 hours. We burn through a Shattered Halls in about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours max start to finish with about the same rep gained.

  7. I like both of them. SL is long, and requires planning, which is what I did last night. It’s a 2-3 hour run and you just block off the time. We rocked the place, and I got a set of boots I didn’t even know Murmur dropped (16 runs on the priest, still no Hallowed Robe, but every run my lock goes on it drops). One Saturday we ran SH 7 times straight, with a 35m time as the fastest, and we killed everything, including the guys for the Savagery chant (which never dropped). While I didn’t do it, you could try the faction booster from the pvp guy to speed up faction when you do run SH.

  8. I could care less about the faction rep, I just love the guaranteed gold & potions. Over the course of a week I’ll get around 140 gold and 10-14 super mana potions. That more than covers the repair bills and potion needs for attempts to learn Karazhan.

    Will it pay for my epic mount? No. Is it a quick trip to Exalted? No. But it relieves me of some serious farming time.

  9. I love the music in Shadowlabrynth. It takes me back to my teenage years as an angst-ridden goth kid listening to Sisters of Mercy and the Cocteau Twins, what with that old-drum machine and analogue keyboard sound it has. I just sold my Juno 60. :(

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