And now for something completely different…

(*mumbles* I knew the book wasn’t for free after all)

Well, hello everyone. Julian here. Grandmaster farmer, exceptional dancer, friend to the animals. Also a gamer when real life doesn’t intersect too much. Ethic was kind enough to give me the chance to pour some musings here, in between all the rat killing, so I decided to take his generous offer. Or was it “crazy enough”? Well, I can’t tell the difference anyway.

I’ve been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember. Started on a ZX-81. 8K RAM (16K with the expansion, mind you), membrane keyboard, black and white: The world was an oyster. Ever since then, I won’t say I played them all, but I did play most. Good ones and bad ones alike. Like others here, I’m a relative newcomer to MMOs having only played them for about four years. Alas, also like most others, soon enough I was captivated by the genre.

I absolutely adore talking about games and game design, mechanics and also the more social, surrounding aspects of this ordeal of ours we like to call ‘gaming’. So that’s about it, and the kind of things you can expect to read from me. For the moment, stay tuned. If statistics are to be believed, I’m bound to write something worth reading at some point in the future. And if not, well, I’ll write it anyway because it all comes from the heart.


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  1. Congrats and good luck with your next articles.

    And congrats to Ethic for your recruitment efforts – looks like things are going well!

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