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coh[City of Heroes] Much of City of Heroes happens in instances. There are a few zones where people hang about outside for various reasons, mostly the auction houses these days, but the missions are instances so we spend most of our time in no particular zone. You could spam broadcast all day long and irritate only a few people at a time. This makes Paragon City feel pretty empty for many new players once they leave the newbie zone.

Instead, we use the global chat system to communicate. That and supergroup/coalition chat, but we use a global channel as the de facto guild chat because at any given time someone might be in an alt supergroup, on the other side of the hero/villain divide, or playing on another server. The same idea makes global channels (multi-)server-wide general chat, reaching people in instances and all zones.

But if you don’t know the server’s favorite channels are, you are still in silence. When I visit another server, I am still listening to the chatter from back home. Let’s help each other out here: what is your server’s most popular global chat channel(s), and what is/are it/they used for? On Pinnacle, for example, we mostly use PinnacleBadges, for general chat as well as sharing badge hunting/missions; using it to look for a normal group is usually considered poor manners, but looking for task force members is perfectly fine. Off-topic chat is extensive.

With any luck, the comments here will be a useful resource for players trying to find the community across the servers.

: Zubon

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  1. The global chat in CoX is something I wish all games would have. It makes it easy to stay in touch no matter what server or character you are on.

  2. This was one of the reasons I just couldn’t get back into CoX. In my original run, I was in a large, active supergroup. Now, it seems there are supergroups everywhere, and I cannot seem to find an active one. I *need* to see that chat, and I like to interact with people. The minimal zone chat was too little for me. Even “help” rarely got an answer, although after a while I found that this channel is apparently a radius channel, and while you might hear someone, you may not see a response they get. It would make more sense for this to be a global, server, or at least zonewide channel. I always tried to answer every question I saw on help, if nothing else to say “same here”, in an effort to alleviate the vaccuum I seemed to be playing in.

  3. EQ1 and EQ2 have a shared chat system; you could join a chat channel in EQ1, go to EQ2 and join it there as well, and chat across whole games (just between servers on the same game works as well). Not sure if it works with Vanguard, Planetside or EQOA. I think it does work with SWG.

    Be nice to have a mechanism to share chat channels between all games no matter the publisher, though!

  4. The only global channel I’m a member of is @livejournal, the one for the city_of_heroes lj community. For the most part, I find that it becomes really hard to juggle a bunch ofchannels at once.

    Something that does help some is coalition chat. It allows up to 5 SGs to basically share a channel easily, which is nice. The Pentacle Coalition (5 SGs, one for each villain AT) uses it to great effect to organize and chat.

  5. I don’t believe the coalitions are limited to 5. We have a whole list of bases into which we can zone. (That is something else you can share with coalition-mates beyond the coalition channel: base access.) Of course, we are not in coalition with all the people who are in coalition with our coalition members, because you set up coalition by-pair (rather than everyone is linked to everyone), so we often see half of a conversation.

  6. They must have upped that, then. The original coalition limit was 5 teams. That’s good to know.

  7. Dunno if you’re aware of this bind, but several of us use it to chat in multiple channels. Assuming the channel name is CHANNEL, you can bind this:

    /bind [ “beginchat /send “CHANNEL” ($name/$level) ”

    (Going off memory on that, I’ll have to check my binds when I get home)

    I have the channel name in quotes in case your channel has a space in the name. And the space before the last double-quote makes sure your chat doesn’t bump against the ).

    So all I have to do is hit “[” on my keyboard and start chatting to my first channel, and they’ll see a message like “Ambience: (Sgt. Brimstone/41) Hi Guys!” in the channel.

    It really makes it easy with bindkeys like that to chat in multiple channels, especially if in the same window.

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