Did We Mention That You Get to Play As a Chicken?

A chicken! Dude!

Yeah, that’s about all I have to say. I will need to borrow someone’s lifetime subscription for a few minutes sometime.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Did We Mention That You Get to Play As a Chicken?”

  1. I just dont know what to think about this feature, but I guess we will just have to chalk this up as interesting content. Kinda like having a pet little gnome with a santa hat on that follows you around in WoW. Only…not as cool…

  2. squawk squawk squawk

    I am working on a chicken to Common converter as we speak!

    Wait, is “common” the right word? Hmm I don’t think Tolkien used that. What language did they speak?

  3. I am SO seriously looking forward to mucking around with playing a chicken now. I really hope this isn’t a joke. CHICKEN!

    I think this is perfect for a single dev’s pet (ahem) project. The hobbits already lend a very whimsical sense of humor to the entire LotR universe; I think this ideally suits that style.

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