Not Addicted?

But I do not always feel like playing, or at least playing City of Heroes. I may spend half a night messing around with flash games or going out with my wife. When I am away from internet access, I do not feel the need to log in. It is nice to have a break and see the real world sometimes, although the big room with the blue ceiling is perhaps over-rated. I can go for a walk without worrying that I am falling behind my friends.

I never feel obliged to log in. It is not something I am required to do. I have no raids to keep up with, although we might plan on running a task force on a given night (usually: no planning). It is not a job, not a drudge, not a grind. Okay, it is inherently somewhat grindy, but I never log on with a resigned sigh. I play when I want to play and wander off when it is not exciting me.

The icon is always there, ready to be clicked, but it does not call like a dark siren.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Not Addicted?”

  1. Are you saying that MMOs are evil female creatures attempting to suck the soul from unsuspecting men?

  2. I always felt CoH was grindy as heck, part of the reason I stopped playing was lack of diversity in that game and what I was doing. With no “loot” or tradeskilling I grew “meh”.

    Now they seem to have added a lot, it ran like garbage on Vista though when I tried to go back. I may reload it on XP. Villians look cool. Have you tried the new tradeskill invent things system?

  3. Have you tried the new tradeskill invent things system?
    Oh my lord, have I. There is a badge for making 10,000 things, and I have 7,641 to go. Frankly, it is more of a loot system than a trade skills system, but it deserves its own write-up.

    Amusing, interesting, but not exactly A Tale in the Desert. You have set recipes, like in most systems. There is no experimentation or unique specification.

  4. When I play CoX I usually do not play sessions more than 1-2 hours, sometimes less than that. Some days it may get longer, but often that is divided up on multiple occasions per day in that case.

    The good thing about the game is that it is possible to play in shorter sessions, many other MMOGs tend to require more time in order to have some good fun time, due to long travel times, lots of time to get groups organized etc.
    This is usually quite quick and smooth in CoX, so the effective fun time can can be quite good even in shorter sessions.

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