City of Options

In City of Heroes, there are five archetypes and two epic archetypes. Blasters have seven primary power pools and five secondaries; Controllers have six and seven; Defenders have eight and seven; Scrappers have six and four; and Tankers have four and seven. Peacebringers and Warshades have just the one super-sized primary and secondary each, but in practice people choose to specialize in the human, nova, or dwarf forms or some combination of two or three, giving seven options for each. In City of Villains, there are five archetypes. Brutes have six primary power pools and six secondaries; Corruptors have seven and seven; Dominators and Masterminds have five of each; and Stalkers have six and five.


If you rest for one day a year, you can literally play a different character every day without repeating yourself. Leap year is coming next year, though, so we must hope for the villain epic archetypes sometime in the next eighteen months.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “City of Options”

  1. Sounds good I may re up my account, I have had it since Apr 14, 2004 and have some veteran rewards on there. I picked up CoV for 9.99 after some old game turn ins at EB.

  2. I actually have re-subscribed to CoH/CoV and am having a good time so far. The main problem for me is that I constantly want to create new characters and it makes it very hard to focus on any particular one. Still, I really like my heroes and my villains so far.

  3. …And the best part of all those combinations:

    Try to find ONE that’s inherently “gimp.”

  4. Trick Arrow is quite good as a debuff set. It is a bit of a late bloomer, tho.

    I would have said, “Anything involving a dominator.”

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