So, I joined Guild Cafe and made a profile. Go check it out and add me to your friends list.

The site is pretty cool, lots of nice features, but it feels like it is still missing some stuff. I’m not surprised to see someone trying to combine myspace and MMORPGs, but I haven’t seen anyone doing it *right* yet. Still though, Guildcafe has a nice start. Let’s see how it turns out.

17 thoughts on “GuildCafe”

  1. I am a member there, Ill go and look you up real fast, even though I am retired from WoW which is why I signed up mostly

  2. I’ve been a member there for some time, but like most of these social networking sites, I have a profile, but don’t actively use it. Sent a friend invite.

  3. They need to do a front end like that for a Progress Quest type of thing ;)

  4. @Trin: Yeah that’s the attitude I have towards social networking sites too.

    Guildcafe looks good currently, none of the nonsense associated with Myspace or Friendster. Hope it stays clean this way.

    Dropped ya an invite.

  5. Site is ugly and confusing and my virus scanner said loading up one of the sites was trying to download a keylogger. I’d be careful.

  6. Keylogger? We have never had a single complaint out of seventeen thousand (and rising!) registered users. I expect there would have been at least one if you were telling the truth.

    Which you are not, as you are one guy who has been to a batch of sites this weekend, within minutes of each other, under different names with the same nonsense. Thanks for playing.

    If a legitimate user ever found a problem, please contact the admins (address on the site) ASAP, as fixing such a problem would be a top priority.

  7. Hi, Tweety! I registered over at Guildcafe, but I haven’t spent much time getting things laid out. I’ll get around to it soon, as soon as we clear out a few more rats…

    My wife seems to love Myspace, so I am sure she is going to love this when I show it to her, as well.

    I am looking forward to seeing where ya’ll take the site, and thanks for stopping by!

  8. Thanks for commenting Sanya. I agree that the comment above is bogus and probably a plant from a rival site, assuming there is one haha.

    I do network admin as my day job and anti-virus is one of my responsibilities. I have seen no problems at all with GuildCafe and I tested it with several browsers and various anti-virus programs. It’s a good clean site.

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