Yet Another Post About Addiction

The web is full of posts about how addictive video games are, especially MMORPGs, and especially World of WarCraft.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve had ample time to play WoW as much as I’ve wanted, and I did. 

I’ve spent roughly 12-16 hours a day playing lately.  I finished my push to 70, got some cool new gear, and began saving for my epic flying mount.  All the while, I’ve been neglecting the things I told myself I would do once I had the time.  I haven’t been going on the daily walks I said I would to lose weight.  I haven’t been spending as much time as I should networking (through sites like the fabulous *zing!*).  And, considering I’m still jobless, I obviously haven’t been spending enough time looking for a job… even though I know that the lack of a job is the biggest risk to my continued enjoyment of WoW.

 There’s more, though.  I’ve been 70 now for almost 2 weeks.  I got my flying mount the night I hit 70.  I’ve run most of the regular Outland dungeons.  I’ve grinded my rep up to Honored with most factions and now?  I’ve hit the point with my main where nearly anything I want to do requires a group.  My guild is made up of gamers in their late 20’s and early 30’s, almost all of whom have jobs, so most of time, there’s nobody there to group with… and I detest PUGs.  So my choices are to play an alt (and don’t get me wrong, my Draenei Shaman is loads of fun!) or do the things I should be doing.

So here I am!  Back to posting, back to job searching, back to exercising.  So maybe what I’m trying to say is that I’m not addicted to WoW.  I’m addicted to the people I play it with.  And that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Post About Addiction”

  1. Its not, and thats why most people I used to know still havent left Everquest 1. It happens I agree. But not even friends could keep me in WoW.

  2. “the lack of a job is the biggest risk to my continued enjoyment of WoW.”

    Not really. Wow is dirt cheap, as entertainments go. Pennies a day! (Well, about fifty pennies, but still.)

  3. Several times I’ve rolled toons on other WoW servers but time & time again I’ve come back to my original server and the people I’ve never met IRL but who have become closer than the handful of friends that I have met. We chat via Vent, we run Instances, we help each other out with quests, mats, items, etc.

    I played the LOTRO trial and while it was fun to some degree, w/o my old guildmates there I just didn’t enjoy it.

    So I’m still playing WoW and have been leveling an Alt, a Gnome Warrior, who’s now 65 and just a few levels behind my Main, a Dwarf Hunter, who’s been slacking off at 68, although he came out of semi-retirement lately to level Mining because my Warrior is a Blacksmith and I’ve been trying to max it out, so I need metal & stone, lots of them.

    For me, at least, there’s still a lot to do in WoW, but what makes the game so appealing is the social aspect of it. So when I come home I can do something requiring a little more interaction than sitting on the couch watching the TV, I can hang out with real people (in the comfort of my living room) doing something we all enjoy.

  4. Good post. It takes balls to talk openly about your problems in public like you did. You recognize some behavior you’re not happy with. I hope you find a good balance between work, life, and games. Sorry to sound like a downer, we’ve all been there and I know how you’re feeling.

  5. Great post,
    The social experience is whats so great about wow, on off nights its fun to hang around in vent/ts and chat it up with the guildies, its very similar to softball/bowling leagues that many people are involved in. You have scheduled raids, meetings, and social gatherings.

    Just like everything else we do in life we choose to do it with friends, wow is no different.

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