3 thoughts on “He’s Worried About Our Language”

  1. I love that guy. His comic is hysterical, and has me in tears almost every day.

    I especially like the ones where he talks about designing a ‘proper path’ of floor tiles to walk on. and walking funny ever after. I so do that.

    Dont step on cracks, Blacks are ok, whites in line with blacks are ok, diagonals are bad!

  2. In light of funny things, I think you guys should make a Time to Rat measurement for MMOs to scientifically determine what the best MMO is. Based, of course, on this: http://www.oldmanmurray.com/features/39.html (the Create Review System)

    Originally in EverQuest II, the first thing you did on the tutorial boat was kill two rats that came out of a crate. We scientifically improved the game dramatically by making the first rats you see after the tutorial island entirely.

    However, if you include other common creatures like Bears and Boars and Wolves in the analysis like barrels in the crate assessment, that might make for a more interesting scientific analysis.

  3. Admit it, you guys were trying to broaden your market appeal, by including a crate in the intro with the rats.

    That way, you can win the MMO market share for FPS players as well as the standard MMO market.

    We are on to you, Shwayder!

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