Tonight’s Homework: Gruul pages 105-137

Here’s a question for those that raid out there: You’re about to hit a new and likely unfamiliar target, but one that is announced ahead of time. Are you more likely to:

a) Pull up a spoiler site and read up on the event to prepare yourself
b) Ask questions on the guild site about the fight
c) Log in a bit ahead and see if people know what generally will happen
d) Log in and wait for the raid leader(s) to tell you exactly what to do, including when you can go to the bathroom.

Me, I tend to over prepare, including watching videos. That’s the way I’m wired. I like to win. I don’t mind failing dramatically either, or going down in flames with a valiant attempt. Standing around for an hour while prepping is annoying, however. That’s why I left EQ raiding. And while I realize when you pull in people there will be some confusion, having to explain to 18 out of 25 people, individually, what their jobs will be really bites. Also, waiting an hour for anything in a game is really really dull. Not even /gems can save that.

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12 thoughts on “Tonight’s Homework: Gruul pages 105-137”

  1. Every single member of a raid group should have reda the fight mechanics, watched at least one video of the fight in its entirity and preferably watched a video of a fight from their class prespective.

    New content demands advance prep. I hate having people whisper me for flasks at 6:59 for a 7pm raid start time, and I hate even more having people whisper me during Boss Phase two, where they should stand during phase three.

  2. My personal preference for raiding is to have a handful of people who do their homework and prepare the strats, then make sure everyone else is intelligent, attentive, and dedicated to executing those strategies well.

    That is to say, I don’t think every single member of a raid force needs fanatical devotion to research–I feel that’s the job of the raid leadership. As long as the other people know their class well and pay attention, things usually work out just fine.

  3. Our raid leaders put up a “Coles notes” version of the encounter, including pictures. Makes much easier to digest for the general raider.

    Here is a nice pic, that Grig, one of our raid leaders created for the curator fight. He is a true artist.

  4. Braack’s excellent strategy guide reminds me of a similar guide that was designed by a guild mate of mine a few months ago.

    It is quite relevant to this discussion as it pertains to the Gruul fight.

  5. Definitely would be researching and discussing with other’s who might have done the particular boss. However, there’s no need to over prepare by everyone rehearsing which pixel of the map they should be standing out, but a rough outline is sufficient (watch out for certain AEs, keep this buff up, etc).

  6. I would tend to have the strategy for the next boss up on my second monitor while clearing the trash on the way up to it. Only time this failed me was the phoenix boss in TK that I didn’t even know was there until they’d pulled ^^

  7. I simply avoid raiding. I think a lot of the fun of the game can go out when there’s a huge amount of prep-work involved. If someone can’t, in 5 minutes go, “Hey, here’s the stuff you need to know in order for us to run this successfully,” then I tend to think of it as “not fun” content. And if that 5 minute explanation all but ensures success with a competent team, I think that’s kind of bad, too. My favorite example of (admittedly, group, not raid) content where everyone can know exactly what they’re supposed to do, but stuff can still go hideously wrong, is the CoH respec trial.

  8. It’d be interesting to have some encounters where you CAN’T know what’s going to happen. Like PvP, only perhaps with a little predictability. Forcing people to improvise on the fly would be interesting at least, and a lot more fun at best.

  9. Verilazic, I always loved that idea. I thought it would be great if there were 10 options in a boss fight, and it randomly chose them in X number of “phases”.

    The only problem with that? EVERYONE would be forced to know all 10, perfectly, before going in. So in essence it means more reading, videos, explaining. BAH.

    Option 2? Go truly random, no phases, and 100 different options (thereby making it near impossible to force people to know all of them). Dumb down damage done by the boss, and HP’s. In essence, you are substituting rediculous stats from the boss (which is really what tunes the difficulty) and replacing it with the unknown. Truly, then, you have an epic fight.

    I personally hate the fight being the same, it isn’t how good of a player you are on your toes, it’s how good you are at memorizing sets of actions during set periods of time.

    (Yet, I still raid twice a week. Shame on me.)

  10. I’d love the idea of a random effect boss, although in a way that’s what KZ’s Moroes is, since he chooses 4 friends from a set of 6. Or Opera, since you have a choice of 3, athough one of them requires 2 specific classes to be sucessful. I agree that if you had a random set of powers from said boss you’d have to have his HP/DPS fairly low to keep it fair. Setting people up for failure is no fun.

    And to my guildmates reading this, there’ll be a test on this tonight! (Smart alecs telling me they’ve finished their homework…)

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