WoW: Next Expansion Incoming?

The latest rumblings, coming here on the eve of BlizzCon, is that a new expansion will be announced. It’s silly to think that Blizzard is not planning one, and they have started on it. And, marketing people will agree, the best time to get feedback on your future plans is surrounded by a few thousand of your rabid fans.

Leading the popular charge is Northrend. Specifically “Wrath of the Lich King”. Reasons to this go from the music choices Blizzard has given for their party, which are all dealing with the frosty north, to the new 403 (forbidden) error code the curious have found on a subpage called Wrath on Blizzard’s site and servers.

If so, it will be interesting to see what awaits us. I’m heading off to hang with Mickey in Florida for a few weeks so I’ll miss the party/announcement/spoilers. Someone pick me up a spare Murloc Suit?

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17 thoughts on “WoW: Next Expansion Incoming?”

  1. Ha! Nice gaff by them. I wonder if Blizzard will send the lawyer monkeys over to beat them?

    Hopefully this will be a late 2008 expansion. I still have lots to do.

  2. I would re-sub for an expansion… unless another more enthralling title has me under its spell.

    I think the Blizzard money-men realized they made a mistake releasing tBC so long after initial launch and that they are going to bleed subscriptions in the coming year if they don’t do something to counter the releases of so many top nothc and diverse MMO titles (Tabla Rasa, PoTBS, Warhammer et. al.)

  3. Unfortunately, another expansion could have the opposite effect on subscriptions if not done right.

    For instance, I am in a guild that doesn’t consider itself a hardcore raiding guild, but have Gruul down, are about to start Magtheridon, and believe we will hit SSC someday. (We raid 2 nights a week, have kids, all married, etc.)

    Still, we have had our trials and tribulations all guilds have when it comes to raiding. It really puts a stress on everyone with attendance, loot rules, who is pulling their weight, etc.

    So now, if Blizz brings along another expansion, that makes the current Raid gear less valuable than the quest rewards from 70 – 80, I’ll be done =) Too much emotional and time investment to have it trivialized once again.

  4. I thought Northrend was pretty much a given anyway? At least, from what I recall of my WoW time 1-2 years ago, most players I talked to about the subject were considering it a given. Were there not pictures of maps floating around? I remember seeing a pic of a Northrend map, all already zoned out and named, 2 years ago. Easily 2 years ago.

    And are they EVER gong to open the second prison instance in Stormwind? That looked like a Stockades on steroids.

  5. Verilazic, I think its bunk at least for now. I think as soon as the accidental leak from the german games review board happened, everyone decided to go for the fake patch nots game and create content.

    I’m not saying the items listed aren’t real, but the lists seem too half-baked and inconsistant with the type of content Blizzard would be showing in a demo.

  6. I would seriously doubt anything like a new profession would be announced this early in the proceedings. Hell look how long it took to get both the races (which in effect added nothing new except new skins) announced for TBC.

  7. Good point. Though I really hope that inscription profession happens. It sounds like it has some really good potential…

  8. Well i was wrong :D. Oh and Blizzard apparently learned nothing from TBC and are doomed ot repeat their mistakes.

    My personal peeve. Making a Hero Class have absolutely nothing to do with my main. That’s not a hero class that’s a whole new class that I have to turn around and grind through the same damn levels I just grinded to get access to the fekkin class in the first place.

  9. Hehehe. If it helps, instead of thinking of it as a “hero class”, try using the words “epic archtype”.

    I would agree that raising the level cap to 80 is a huge mistake, which will separate the majority of players from high-end content, again. Something that should really be considered is the possibility of heroic variations of current and previous high-end stuff, like Naxx, BWL, AQ, BT, etc., so that there’ll still be incentive for players other than the explorers to go there. If they keep trivializing content such that I miss out on everything they’re making between expansions, I’ll stop paying them to make that content.

  10. Probably I’ll get it, play it for a few months so I can level up to 80 at a nice pace, probably enjoying the ride on the way there, and cancel again… I think a lot of people play like this these days.

    What would the actual % be of the people that enjoy the raiding / rep grinding end game ?

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