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Just a quick thought/poll to our readers, on the same theme as my last post –

The next expansion has been announced. Tigole calls you up on the phone and says that you’ve been targeted as a Typical Player, and they will add a feature you want. It has to be codable and realistic (‘I want rats to drop Naxx epics” will probably not pass). It cannot turn balance on its ear, and if it is faction based, must be flexible enough to be used by either side.

What do you tell him you want?

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27 thoughts on “Expantionary Thought”

  1. To Tigole? Quit.
    To Blizzard? Quit fucking around and open raiding to the players. Reduce or eliminate consumables. Reduce or eliminate attunements.

  2. More customizable avatars.
    Add ways to make your character’s clothing unique(colors, styles, textures, make them editable)
    New do’s w/ colors not in the rainbow.

    Engineering made mounts. BOE and BOP types. medium to high cost mats. Normal/epic, ground/ flying. Make the epics an engineering quest. Normal mount recipes trainable or faction based. Or boss drops with rare drop rate.
    BOP ones will be a lot cooler looking then the BOE of course. Style for consideration: Ground= tonks/mechanical animal shapes(cat,ram,horse,raptor,wolf,) with epics being ofcourse more elaborate. Flyers=biplanes/gyrocoptors(hell even a rocket that you are strapped to would be nuts) Flyers of course only available in the new areas.
    Ground normal 60%
    Ground epic 100%

    Flyer normal 60%
    Flyer epic 280%

    can you tell what profession I am?
    This ofcourse would make Engineering a disgustingly profitable proff for a little while, but hey its our turn.

  3. What, you hadn’t noticed they’d already done that? I guess you aren’t an alchemist, so didn’t see the Alchemy nerf to reduce consumable use? And some attunements were indeed eliminated post Kara.

    The problem players have getting into raiding, it seems to me, is not game requirements but guild/social. Blizzard already tried to ease that with reducing the numbers needed to 10 (Kara) or 25.

    What’s needed are alternatives to raiding in endgame, and I see Blizzard doing a lot there, from Heroic mode dungeons, to reputation based gear, PvP battlegrounds and gear to buy using honor points gained there, to competive pvp in Arenas.

    I like the direction they’ve been going in since launch, the alternatives to raiding have gotten better, even if not to my taste yet. I would like to see improved high end crafted gear that can be made without raided mats….. taking a lot of stuff would be acceptable, if it could be solo/5 manned.

  4. All new content will be 60% solo, 35% single group, and 5% 10 man. Nothing will ever exceed 10 man.

    Fire the losers who were making raid content.

    Hire some people who know how to make pvp content.

  5. I want a game I can pick up and play for half an hour and make meaningful progress in at level 60.

    Just like I could at level 5.

  6. -Make any new BGs available to lower levels.

    -More customizability at all levels. As in, if the Inscription profession rumor is true, make it viable at lower levels the way enchanting is. If Blizzard is worried about overpowered twinks, just add a few level restrictions so that lvl 19s at least don’t get much stronger.

    -More midlevel content, and let hero classes level through it (if people complain about the time it takes, make hero classes gain xp 2x or even 4x faster, /shrug).

  7. Completely customizable characters.

    The ability to buy abilities and trade them back (at a loss) at almost any time. Basically, old style SWG character building. Best character development system EVER.

  8. Going to sum up some of the posters here in a few, but mine:

    Ability to have two “talent sets” saved at your class trainer and be able to switch between them for free at the trainer, with a 48 hour cooldown.

  9. Net Fishing.
    Ie, in Draenai starting area there’s a quest to catch fish with a net. This should be extended so that you can fish anywhere with a net. It’s TONS more interesting/interactive than line fishing.

    Honestly I’m just peeved to have a free talent that is so boring to level.

    Mana bandages.
    These could be added to First Aid or even made through first aid by combining water/drinks and normal bandages.

    My pally spends 80% of her time mana starved. It’s -normal- to end a fight at 90% health and 10% mana. *sigh*

  10. Content to streamline the leveling process on new characters.

    I.E. make new content so that leveling from 20-60 is comparable to leveling from 60-70. Going with the idea that all new content is intended for the biggest characters, streamline the process so everyone can get to max cap in a reasonable amount of time, not the two years it took my first character to hit 60. Thanks to the BE and Dreanei starting areas, you can get to 20 in a very short time, but the leveling slows down considerably after that until 40 where it seems to pick back up until 60 where it is like a rocket to 70.

    Raids will still seperate the casuals from the hardcores, but now the casuals who want to start a new character won’t be vexxed by the thought of leveling him/her to 58 so they can get to outland.

  11. Season 1 arena gear obtainable through battlegrounds honor rewards once Season 2 starts. Season 2 gear available through BG honor points once Season 3 starts.

    To make it not too easy… Arena season 1 helm cost is 25,000 honor AND level 70 BG reward helm.

  12. Alternate Advancement points, a’la EQ 1.

    At the level cap, allow for experience to be used to purchase small special abilities and advancements (With vastly diminishing returns). Structure the points so that avatars of various classes all become more customizable not just in which talents they have chosen, but which advancements they have purchased as well.

    Oh yeah. And extend the paladin blessings beyond 5 minutes (15 group version). I don’t care, make the mana cost 10 times as much, just have them last at least a half hour like all the other class buffs.

  13. Housing – yeah, just candy, but I’d really love to see that. And they could rip off Guild Wars: Guilds get a guild hall or something, and two guilds can duke it out against each other in a special battleground with both fortresses facing each other; first to get the flag or something wins. This could be utilized with a new ‘arena’ mode – 20v20 or so.

    I’m thinking ‘Alterac Valley – as it was supposed to be’: An epic battle between Horde and Alliance, not that half-baked PvE in disguise it is now.

    Oh, and please: Make Hunters useful again!


  14. @Dearic – check the patch notes for the PTR, upcoming patch:
    # Blessing of Kings, Light, Might, Salvation, Sanctuary and Wisdom increased to 10 minutes.

    # Greater Blessing of Kings, Light, Might, Salvation, Sanctuary and Wisdom increased to 30 minutes.

    I knew I’d seen it somewhere, but it hasn’t gone live yet. Been playing another class lately, so didn’t realize it hadn’t already hit.

  15. Let me use my flying mount anywhere. Azeroth included. It annoys me to no end, you grid 5K gold so you can fly fast, but you can’t use it in the old lands.

  16. I don’t know why some of you are suggesting things like “AA”. Don’t you see that the AA is the part you really enjoy? Why not make the whole game AA point based instead of just the end? Why force yourself into a grind you KNOW is boring instead of choosing to go directly for the prize?

  17. The easy answer: a listing of the last ten of a given item that sold on the Auction House. In case of stacks, it should be single items and full stacks only. Include a timestamp on when they were sold, so we can get an idea of how much demand there is.

    The hard answer: more love to the pre-60 game. The new starting areas have made the originals completely useless. The 20-60 zones are, in comparison, dull and grindy. How about some new dungeons that aren’t for level capped players? How about adding more class quests? Travel Form for druids should really be a quest; I’m sure there are plenty of other examples.

    Btw, Braack, they explained why you can’t have a flying mount in Azeroth: Azeroth isn’t really 3d. A lot of places (Stormwind is the big example) don’t really have the stuff you see in the background. If you could fly, you could see how many billboards there are instead of real towers, and there’s all sorts of pathing problems when a 3d object runs into a 2d billboard.

  18. Silvanis – I heard that explanation. I am sure with 9 million subscribers they can afford to go back and rebuild it in true 3D =) Of course, I would mostly rather they work on new and wonderful things, but I am also certain they could afford to hire a new branch of 3d modellers on a contract basis to rebuild it. It really is silly, I suppose, but it is one of those things that drives me absolutely batty. Along the same lines of how hot dog buns are sold in 8’s, and weiners come in packages of 12. =)

  19. well i think that we should have some ocean travel, water mounts, ships that WE can control it would just make Azeroth a lot more exciting and interactive. also, why does Blizzard switch between Azeroth and Outland, they should just stick to Outland so that Flying mount players can get more from the expansion

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