And so the Djinni said: Three wishes…

Lots of great ideas on my Expansionary Thought thread, and it reflects a wide base of games we play from. With a nod to the authors, let’s take a look at them, where they are coming from, and why.

Julian started out with less consumables. While the recent change (nerf?) to alchemy has effectively changed a lot of consumable use for raids, I still have no issue selling my potions. Especially mana/health pots. It is wrong to have these last through death? Also, based on my background, I’m guessing the encounters were tested with a person effectively “potted” pretty high. Why not let the players get an edge?

Julian also talked about attunements. I think Indy really addressed a good reply, but a better reply about raiding’s issues can be found over on AFKGamer recently, here, and scroll down to where he talks about “reply #88”. It’s too lengthy to cross-post, but it also speaks to raiding in a meta way that developers really should consider.

Melmoth, Mindkiller, Cybercat, Verillazic, and Nick all want more customization. I agree, assuming it really is candy and not required. Because raiders, minmaxers by default usually, tend to end up wearing the exact same thing. But if I can color the +healing enchant on my weapon blue instead of yellow, at least I’m not an exact twin of my healer partners.

Mindkiller also wants more engineering toys, and Nibuca talks to more tradeskill enhancements. Tradeskilling in WoW starts out really interesting and varied, and then gets a bit flat. And the secondary professions, on the whole, are very..secondary.

R, Cameron, and Angstrom are looking for non-raid, character advancing content. While group quests work for these, group chains tend to fall flat (thinking of the Killing Time series in Nagrand, for example). More 5-mans is also something I can get behind, although I think Outland has a fantastic variety of them. Some are annoyingly long (SL, I’m looking at you here).

Verilazic and Zayle talk about how weak the game is mid-level. I’ve leveled 7 chars to 60+, and I agree. I despise the 40’s – for me the utmost in slow experience. I’d love to see some more areas to level in for mid level. Desperately needed.

Aimedshot, Verilazic, and Xwn have some PvP requests. I honestly expected more PvP stuff to show up. One thing that does annoy me about WoW is how often it affects the PvE game when it balances the PvP game. It’s almost as if it would be better to use a pre-fab character in these battles to eliminate gear/spell advantages and make it up to…skill. Nah, crazy thoughts.

Silvanas and Bildo close up with CoH items. In my recent return vacation to CoH, I was very impressed by their AH system. Cross server AH’s absolutely rock, and the sale history is just amazing. Why not change the Neutral AH’s into cross server ones? You pay more, but you can get anything. Just an idea. Lastly, mentoring. CoH’s ultimate trump card. Seriously, any time anyone does something remotely similar it will be compared to CoH, and they got it right the first time. To you developers, I say ‘Copy this, and copy it well!’

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  1. Actually, my idea for the Auction House history display is taken wholesale from Final Fantasy XI, so I’m assuming CoH did a good job of copying them : )

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