The Guild

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks (not literally, obviously. That would be difficult. And weird.) and feel it’s time to share if you haven’t already seen it.

Felicia Day is an actress with a problem. (This is already starting to sound like Jerry Springer!) Actually, she doesn’t have a problem (apart from having garnered the attention of the those miniscule minded microbes who use the power of the intertubes to criticise and ridicule others in sentences of less than one syllable) but she has released the extremely amusing first “webisode” of a (hopefully) long-running series called “Watch the Guild” in which she stars as Cyd Sherman, an all-too-true-to-life character that some of you may identify with. Go to the site, watch the video, sign up for notifications and buy stuff. It’s worth it.

Final thoughts: Felicia has since recovered from her addiction to World of Warcraft and recently managed to escape the lure of the bright lights of Blizzcon but the real question is was it a relationship worth saving or leaving behind? Until next time, please take care of yourself and each other.

5 thoughts on “The Guild”

  1. OMG that video is dead on HA HA

    We actually had a woman in our EQ1 guild that used to get someone to watch her kid so she could play….every night…across the street…yes she would actually ship her baby across the street to raid. I guess its so sad it was funny…

  2. Lol. I totally love that video. It definitely reminds me of myself and my guild conversing on vent. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for future episodes :D

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