16 thoughts on “Line of the Week”

  1. I never really thought about cocaine being related to MMO’s, but they do have some striking resemblances.

    -They both destroy lives
    -They are extremely addictive
    -They both have withdrawal symptoms
    -They are both too expensive.

    As for bacon and CCG’s, I’m clueless.

  2. Bacon is the greatest thing ever, and everything good is made better by wrapping it in bacon…

    Case in point: Bacon wrapped Fliten Minon, or Bacon wrapped scallops, or bacon wrapped bacon…

  3. Ahh bacon…the true equalizer of our time…or any. Someday it WILL be a controlled substance that requires permits to obtain, cook, and eat. For truely ust the having and the eating are bad enough, but the cooking of it promotes in others a need for the greasy, smokey, crunchy, and chewy substance that clogs pipes as well as arteries.

    “Oh bacon, driping, hot with mapley flavors, come into me and lube my innards with your heart attack indusing throws of orgasmic pleasure spasms. None shall take mine bacon, it is mine bitch get your own!” —Mindkiller (Sept. 2003, overheard in a local Dennys at aprocimatly 12 am)

  4. No no no, the MMO is wrapped around the CCG, so the MMO is bacon.

    Now what we need is for that CCG to have a card like MTG-Arabian Nights’ Shahrazad, only the sub-game is played as an MMO, and that MMO has a CCG in it, and…

  5. LINE of the week referring to a cocaine comment? Coincident? I THINK NOT! Ok, maybe it was.

  6. Woohoo, I’m a winner!

    I think the MMO is definitely the bacon. CCGs were addictive long before MMOs came around, so they should get the more addictive substance as a title.

    Then again, I think bacon has been around longer than cocaine, so maybe it should be switched…hmm…

  7. If anyone saw the new episode of Top Chef on Wednesday, the judges all agreed that everything is better with bacon, bacon = teh win!

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