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I just wanted to put a quick preview of what we can expect next week when Book 10: The City of Kings goes live on August 20th.   My first impression of this feature list is, ‘How in the hell did they put all of that together in the two months since Shores of Evendim?!?’

Not only that, but they have promised the third installment in their content update schedule, Book 11, will be released in October and will in include the much awaited Player Housing.

Detailed update notes pulled from the test realm, Roheryn, after the jump.


Monster play enhancements and new quests

  • Play as a Troll
  • Play as a Ranger
  • Play as a Chicken
  • Gain powerful new keep defenses
  • Gain allies in keep assaults

New content:

  • Three new Annúminas instances
  • New Ered Luin reputation Dungeon
  • New Barrow Downs reputation Dungeon
  • More integrated Events: Ettenmoors Events, Annúminas Events (three)
  • More special game Events: Trestlebridge Invasion, Ost Guruth Invasion, Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners
  • New Ettenmoors quests
  • New Annúminas quests

New Areas:

  • 6 Instances, 2 Public Dungeons, Annúminas Ruins Landscape


  • ~24 new Ettenmoors landscape quests
  • 8 new Session Play quests
    • 2 types of Troll play quests
    • 2 types of Ranger play quests
    • 4 Chicken quests
  • 30 new Annúminas landscape and dungeon quests
  • 14 quest Epic Book 10 arc
  • 16 new side quests
  • 4 new Hunter Class quests
  • 39 new reputation quests
  • 7 new reputation vector quests


Hunter Revamp

Additional Skills to round out the Hunter’s non-combat skills

  • Improved single target DPS
  • More Traps
  • Tracking Improvements
  • New Travel skills

Captain Revamp

Additional skills to boost the Captain’s combat variety.

  • Banner Standards (instead of Herald)
  • Improvements to Herald appearance
  • Defensive Targeting

Keep Siege Enhancements

  • Monster Play Events (numerous events open and close based on Keep/POI ownership)
  • Players can gain access to new keep defenses such as murder holes, arrow traps, and area of effect buffs.
  • Both attacking and defending players have more option to call on the aid of ‘allies’ as reinforcements.

Easy access to Monster Play

  • Players can now enter as monster players directly from the character selection screen. No need to even log in as a player!

Reputation System

  • Reputation can be earned with a number of factions in the game, each of which has its own set of unlocked rewards associated with it. The main rewards are vendor items, with secondary awards including access to a Reputation Lodge, and possible access to additional quest lines or dungeon spaces.
  • Each Reputation is based in a particular hub, and has a specific set of trophies and crafting recipes associated with it.
  • Reputation is earned primarily through Trophy drop turn-ins from landscape mobs, Crafting turn-ins, and in some cases via kills inside instances. In the case of trophy drops and crafted items, these are converted into reputation gains via turn-in quests available at the hub representing the faction.
  • The Reputation system enables players to earn positive and negative standing with races/groups/affiliations based off of both monster kills and quest completion. The factions are in Book 10 are:
    • Elves of Rivendell: The Elves of Rivendell have a great many matters of concern, but the aspect that the faction itself deals with is the recent intrusion of a group of hill-men and Angmarim who claim to be ancestors of the ancient kingdom of Rhudaur, and have moved into the ruins discovered in the Trollshaws and the Misty Mountains.
      • The Elves have no interest in seeing Angmar reconstruct its corrupt proxy kingdom from the wars of old, and are working to expel these unwanted intruders from the edges of their domain.
    • The Council of the North (Angmar): A small alliance of elite warriors and scholars who have taken their fight into the belly of the beast of Angmar, either out of necessity or great personal sacrifice & bravery.
      • This group is composed of rebel Angmarim Hill-men, Elves, Dwarves and Rangers. They fight not to assault Carn Dum directly, but to disrupt their war machine by launching attacks on their supply trains, gathering intelligence on their movements, and killing important personages when the opportunity arises.
    • Rangers of Esteldin: The Rangers of Esteldin stand athwart the main path of the advancing armies of Angmar, as such they are constantly making sorties against the orcish forces that have invaded the Northdowns.
      • They also wish to strike further afield, at the forces encamped in Fornost, and at the staging grounds in the Eastern Sulfer Swamps, and will support adventurers and warriors who are willing to take these dreadful risks.
      • Wardens of Annúminas are a specific branch of the Rangers who have long been tasked with protecting the ruined city of Annúminas, and the tombs of their ancestors from looters, robbers and other enemies of that ilk.
      • Recently they have become overwhelmed by the influx of bandits and the intrusion of powerful forces backed by Angmar into the city of Annúminas itself, and they are desperate for aid from any quarter that might help them dislodge the invaders from the city they have been sworn to defend.
    • The Longbeards of Thorin’s Hallhave had a relatively quiet existence since the expulsion of the Dourhands from Thorin’s Hall. The recent discovery of the Dourhand’s ancient city, renamed anew Sarnur, has caused many of the Longbeards concern.
      • With the blood-price set against the Dourhands not yet repaid, the Longbeards of Thorin’s Hall are loathe to let the Dourhands begin construction on a fortified stronghold so near to their city.
      • The men of Bree have recently had their peaceful existence disturbed by Black Riders, upsetting the quiet town and driving off animals. But trouble in Bree town is not the only thing that was stirred up. The captain of the ring wraiths himself traveled to the barrow downs and began awakening things that should have remained sleeping.
  • The Mathom Society (Hobbits): The Hobbits of the shire enjoy many fine leisure activities when they are not so busy eating or growing food. One such activity is the collection of Mathoms, items that hobbits have no particular use for but hold onto anyway.
    • The Mathom Society are a group of hobbits dedicated to the collection of such items, and they scour the countryside in search of new items to add to their collection, when they aren’t busy planning a mathom society dinner that is!

Barter System

  • Players can use certain trophy drops to “purchase” cool new items. For example, a player visits a bartering NPC and sees, through vendor style UI, that this NPC will trade goods for trophies, coin, destiny points or a combination thereof. Action picker dialogue explains where the player can find the corresponding trophies and items for barter; bartering with an NPC is gated by reputation usage restriction. If a player has no trophies needed to barter, the rewards display but are grayed out.

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  1. Yup, that was my thought as well when I saw it yesterday, skimming things. Looks pretty meaty on paper.

    First player housing since UO? Or am I missing something along the way?

  2. Player housing: Anarchy Online, Asheron’s Call, Star Wars: Galaxies, Everquest 2, Final Fantasy XI, ToonTown, Vanguard. Horizons? Neocron?

  3. If you really wanted the lifetime package, you still can get it by having a Founder *ahem* refer you. It will mean buying a box and creating a new account, but it is possible. Otherwise you *could* get the slightly higher lifetime rate still.

  4. They probably have been working on this long before Evendim was released – not everyone would be working full time on a particular update at the same time and they can have multiple groups work in parallel, nothing strange with that.

    Still not convinced that it would be worth to start playing again, will see when my current subscription period gets closer to the end.

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