Tired of Rikti

My City of Heroes account expired last week. I have not renewed it yet. I seem to enjoy continuous rock ’em sock ’em action for about ten weeks before needing a break. Alas, more unsubscribed time will lie between me and my decorative pet. This, along with my badge-whoring, is why I have half as many level-capped characters as my guildmates.

Issue 10 failed to bring much new in terms of gameplay. New story arcs are interesting, but they do not play differently from the old ones. The parts that are new are annoying: more enemies with crowd control, rescue hostage pets who attack at random for little damage. The task force has some interesting new thoughts, namely mini-Hami and the Four Horsemen (new in terms of gameplay; every game has some kind of Four Horsemen). Most of the new content can be consumed quickly: do a lap of the revamped zone (where safe), check out the new art, see the new archvillains.

New things yet to do: fight the Vanguard; finish the Vanguard story arcs (or read the mission text somewhere); play more hero-villain cooperative teams; 2 badges for doing that raid 25 times.

I am rediscovering how little fun the Rikti are to fight. I mostly play squishy characters, and the Rikti have plenty of crowd control, particularly the revamped Rikti Magi. Their drones counter stealth, and they have enough psychic and toxic damage to annoy tanks. I was excited to see the game getting back to the original story, but the main benefit of fighting them is that Communications Officers summon Portals for big experience.

: Zubon

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  1. hhmm I haven’t played CoH for ages, but I stopped playing due to the over powered mobs. I don’t really understand the setting, you aren’t a super hero, you are just a schmuck who gets beat down by your average run of the mill goon… status effects were a cop out on the part of the devs, and rather poorly implemented in my mind. Its no fun for players when they get killed without being able to fight back.

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