Parting Shot on Issue 10

What is with having the Clockwork King in a level 50 task force? The Clockwork go away at level 20, when you defeat the Clockwork King at the end of Synapse’s task force. It makes perfect sense for him to come for Penny, but not as a level 50.

The Psychic Clockwork King everyone knows and loves is from another dimension where he realized his full potential. That is not our Clockwork King; he lost. I think someone missed that when writing the task force. Also, if he achieves his full potential, he conquers the world and wipes out the human race. I guess we can look forward to that.

They play with portals a lot in the task force, but that explanation does not work because this is not a trans-dimensional Clockwork King entering via portal. This is our Clockwork King, and he kicks in the door. After having leveled 30 times while no one was looking.

Maybe he paid for powerleveling.

: Zubon

One thought on “Parting Shot on Issue 10”

  1. I think the idea is along the lines of an unstoppable rage sorta thing.

    He’s not a typical villain. His limitation isn’t so much time, experience, or equipment as simply how much his own insanity (thinking he makes robots rather than simply psi-powers junk) gets in the way. It’s not unreasonable for an extreme threat to make his twisted mind go slightly out of loop.

    Anyway, he didn’t take any longer than Fusionette to get to fifty, and she’s a blaster, so I don’t think it’s powerleveling even with all his little friends.

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