Everybody dies

If you haven’t played DEFCON yet, you probably should. Can’t go wrong with a 60 megs demo and it’s tons of fun. Well, if you’re into genocide it’s fun (and who isn’t?). It’s from Introversion, the kind folks that made the also quite delicious Uplink a few years back.

If you like it, send them a few bucks. Support basement programming, save the whales, all that.

5 thoughts on “Everybody dies”

  1. I bought Defcon back when it was released, definately worth the $$ as a quick little game to pop in and play a little Global Themonuclear War. Little elements like the music and subdued screaming in the background make it all worth it..

    You can also pick it up on Steam too I believe.

  2. I was always a Cold War buff and enjoyed reading Tom Clancy and fantasize about all the possible ways a US-USSR war would turn out, so I was excited when I heard about this game during its early stages of development and preordered it. It’s awesome for some casual play, the daily dose of some thermonuclear warfare :D! The manual is pretty nicely done too.

    If you’re like me, you might also want to check out World in Conflict which launches sometime in September.

  3. “I was always a Cold War buff and enjoyed reading Tom Clancy and fantasize about all the possible ways a US-USSR would turn out…”

    Did you play Operation Flashpoint a few years back?

  4. Yep I certainly did, together with a few of my classmates. Had a lot of fun, since it was the only game which successfully integrated vehicle and infantry combat together, before the Battlefield series came about.

  5. Mythokia, I was part of the World in Conflict beta and ranked in the top 100 out of all 15,000 testers.

    The graphics in that game are phenomenal, the RTS combat is solid, the special attacks (nukes, napalm, cluster bombs, etc) are what really make the game. The built-in voice communication was also excellent, except for the occasional self important players that’d demand or beg for tactical points. ;)

    Relying on other players though is hit or miss just like any game with PUG groups, just like WoW this may be one of the first RTS’s to really create demand for organized Clan play.

    However after playing it for several weeks solid, It got to the point where the strategy and dynamic play were lost and it got really boring.

    It may have been the limited maps and units allowed between betas but I’m not sure if I see the game retaining a gamers interest after extended gameplay. I’m hoping the additional game modes and maps make the difference as I did enjoy the game, but I won’t be buying it and can’t recommend it at this point.

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