Three-Sentence Game Reviews

If I am not playing City of Heroes, what have I been playing? A variety of games that each provide a few hours of entertainment. They are not necessarily bad games, just small ones. They might have a neat mechanic, a good idea, or interesting graphics.

The downside of them is usually the pricing issue. A free demo provides about an hour of entertainment, or you can buy all three hours of entertainment for $20. Given the competition, that is not a great pricing model. You can, of course, trade with your friends after you have had your fill.

So let’s flip through some games.

Peggle is worth buying. It is pachinko on crack, in which unicorns and magic bunnies aid you in bouncing a ball off pegs. It is simple, colorful, and family-friendly.

Master of Defense is another of the tower defense games that I love so well. Some of the monster graphics are amusing, but there are flash tower defense games with more gameplay options. The range of strategies, and therefore the replay value, is low.

Tradewinds Legends is a classic single-player trader game set in the Middle East. If you like buying low and selling high in EVE Online, but wish the pirates were weak NPCs rather than l33t gankers, this could be your thing. Tradewinds Legends comes with simple but friendly cartoon graphics, hit-or-miss humor in quests, and as much entertainment as you can get from trading salt and tea between ports.

Bejeweled is not as much fun as I remembered. Maybe Puzzle Pirates eclipsed it. Do I need a third sentence here?

Virtual Villagers spreads your hours of fun across quite a few days. They keep working in real time, so you come back to see what your villagers did overnight. I qualify it as an interesting toy rather than a fun game.

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  1. Be sure to take a look at FastCrawl if you want some light fantasy dungeon crawl fare in under an hour. You get a party and work through a dungeon (sort of like Hero Quest) while fighting turn based battles and looting treasure. Good, fast, addictive fun.

  2. If bejeweled is not as much fun as you remember, then go for bejeweled 2. Far more fun. After all, everything is better with explosions!

    (There, that’s my three sentences!)

  3. I felt like writing
    Some quick reviews of the games
    I had been playing

    My haiku skills have fallen down. Maybe if I wrote them in Japanese…

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