Good news offline

To me, at least, but I suppose it’s also very good news to a few other crazy gamers like me out there.

Apparently, Mafia II is being made. By the same guys, even. Which is pretty much the gaming equivalent of Scorsese waking up one day and saying “Hey, you know what? I think ‘Goodfellas’ needs a part two”. The first one was a superb game, with incredibly yummy storytelling and ambiance. So if you haven’t played it, you can pick it up on the cheap nowadays and it’ll end up right up there in your list of best gaming dollars spent.

I’m a grown gamer, one that handles screenshots with a lot of care, but I’ll be damned if they don’t look good.

4 thoughts on “Good news offline”

  1. I just heard about this too, definately considering buying it for that GTA type action fix, hopefully you can have a bit more of a actual effect in the game world with your actions than GTA’s random violence.

  2. You know, I thought I’d dislike Godfather for the Wii, but it was surprisingly well done and a lot of fun as well.

    If this one makes it to PC eventually, I’m game. Since I can’t play it on the 360 without you know… owning one. :)

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