A Quick Run Through Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners is Diablo II with humor instead of horror. How would you react if Blizzard announced ongoing support for Diablo II, with an update every month or two and a $5 monthly cost?

Dungeon Runners is better than Diablo II. It is colorful and tongue-in-cheek, family-friendly without being Disney. The graphics are large and rendered MMO-style, rather than Diablo’s perma-zoomed-out view. You pick up a variety of WoW-style quests that lead you through a variety of dungeons. The game is classless, so you can learn all the skills from all the trainers. It has much better connectivity than BattleNet. You can play for free with no box cost.

Dungeon Runners is the same as Diablo II. You click on monsters to swing or shoot. The same models keep returning with different colors. Sometimes they will be bosses with glowing auras. The inventory screen even looks the same.

Dungeon Runners is worse than Diablo II. It costs $5/month to use the bank and the best items. The range of abilities is small, with nothing like the necromancer, assassin, or druid. There will not be PvP until the next patch. You can have only one character per account until the next patch (and three thereafter). It has no slotted items or Horadric Cube function.

That is the quick version. I will have more comments over the coming week. I have already sent them $4.99.

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24 thoughts on “A Quick Run Through Dungeon Runners”

  1. I tried it last week and came to the same conclusions. Except for the sending money part… decided that it was a neat game, but not my type :-)

    I do like the free-to-play model. I feel the industry is headed in that direction.

    Fury is Dungeon Runners with PvP instead of PvE!

  2. Im going to start a paypal account where people can send me $5 a month, and I will send them the occasional email with a spiffy drawing of something rare and fabulous, along with a sweet ass description. For a mere $9.95 a month, I might even include a picture of my dog (and I take great pet photographs!). I’d bet that this would be much more entertaining.

    Heck, if people really want some PK action, I can include some l33t insults and offensive comments. Cool eh?

  3. That reminds me, Free to Play is a BAD idea.

    It is also the deathknell of a game. When you see a MMORPG going to the “free to play” model after a subscription model, that means they are losing money, the game sucks, no one is playing or sticking around, and their only chance is to make it free in the hopes that hordes of new players will come along so they can at least make some advertising revenue. Great idea!

    /bashes forehead on keyboard/

  4. Hey and if you don’t like Diablo II or DungeonRunner you can just go play WoW. All of the social degredation, item whoring, and mind numbingly repetitive activities you could imagine!

  5. I’d highly recommend you checkout Mythos when it comes out of Beta as an alternative to DungeonRunners.


    I personally couldn’t stand DungeonRunners when I tried it but I’ve been meaning to go back in case it was due to server issues at the time I was testing it.

  6. You should be playing Mythos. Find a tester… most of them were given 5 keys to give away. I do not have any keys, so don’t ask :P

  7. I really did not enjoy this game. I tried to get into it several times and I always left feeling that I wasted my time.

  8. I didn’t like this game either. The camera/movement controls didn’t agree with me. I thought the environment graphics were ugly and blocky. I ran around and it felt like all I was doing was clicking my left or right mouse button over and over again (with an occasional AoE tossed in for good measure), which is simply boring. Maybe it gets better at higher levels?

    The one good thing I like about DR is that it means companies are willing to experiment with more accessible MMOs instead of yet another drawn out timesink that drags you along a treadmill for weeks until you get to the interesting part (the end game). I also liked DR’s sense of humor. You got to love a game where an uber weapon is a pizza cutter.

  9. I played for two weeks. I got bored of the repetitiveness at level 30. Great execution, doable graphics, and sound… it’s all there. The comedy makes up for anything lacking. Except… WoW has ruined me for depth.

    Another thing that bugged me is the NCSoft gui/installer. You must have .Net 2.0 installed, which I dispise. It was uninstalled… all of it.. including the Tabula Rasa Beta (which uses the same installer/patcher.)

  10. I am in the Mythos beta and play Dungeon Runners. I think I am old fashioned but honestly I do not like the 3D engine garbage. I still prefer Diablo II. I dont like to fight the camera and so far I have trouble with that in DR and Mythos.

    I really think that only Blizzard will be able to beat a Blizzard title.

  11. I loved Diablo and Diablo II, but I found I just could not get into Dungeon Runners.

    I can see the case for making the statement “just like Diablo II,” and even agree with to a certain point when it comes to the basic mechanics.

    But the wonderful sense of immersion that I felt in Diablo II is completely missing for me in DR.

    That and the general feel of little things like mouse responsiveness and ease of targetting made me give up on it. The guys at Blizzard North really knew what they were doing.

    Hellgate: London. I will want to try out to see if they still have the magic.

  12. I find it interesting that whenever a company does something different, people complain, but they also complain that everything is the same. I personally like Dungeon Runners better than Diablo 2. I came late to the Diablo party, so what i saw the most online were the hacks and griefing. Single player was okay, but just as repetitive as Dungeon Runners. Dungeon Runners is mindless fun to me, and sometimes that is just what i want.

  13. Rather than one huge review as I did for The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, I am breaking this one up over several days. My thanks to folks for posting their overall impressions, please keep them coming. You will have a chance to announce love or hate for different aspects of the game as they arise.

    We are constructive. Fans of the game can point out their problems. If it did not work for you, we can look at which aspects might be worth salvaging for your ideal game.

  14. A thought strikes me: most of you play fantasy MMOs, don’t you? The last one I paid for was Asheron’s Call 2, and I have not spent a lot of time in betas. It is going to take me a little longer to get bored with mages and orcs, a couple weeks of The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ 5 months ago notwithstanding.

  15. Nic, it’s a low-budget, low-attachment, low-barrier-to-entry, high-entertainment, small-dosage clickfest. It’s essentially Bejeweled with RPG stats and a fair chunk. It’s what you fire up while you’re waiting for your server queue to clear up.

    High production value, super polished content with $15/month attached is not the end-all-be-all of MMOs – or anything, for that matter. Would you complain that because there is lobster, caviar and champagne, Kraft should stop selling Mac & Cheese? Or that Kraft is obviously losing money and that’s why they’ve priced it so cheap, ina desperate attempt to capture larger marketshare?

    DR is obviously designed to bring people in, entertain them on the cheap, and get a few of them hooked using obvious marketing ploys to subscribe for a few bucks a month. It is a perfect low-budget MMO.

    I’ve only played DR for an hour or so (due to lack of time) – does it even have advertising? I didn’t see any. It seemed to me that the business plan revolved around teasing (bordering on verbal bullying at times) the player into paying their measly $5 for the privilege of using cooler items and fighting cooler monsters.

  16. I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now and am really enjoying it. I played for about a week before deciding to pay the $5 and so far it’s been worth it. My pros and cons follow…

    * Instant action – no travel time or group seeking time to waste.
    * Good looking character models, good looking weapons and armor
    * Great humor keeps the mood light.
    * Lots of different armor and weapons.
    * Flexi spec – Go from a dual wielding arcane knight to a shadow mage by just shifting out skills and equipment
    * Waypoint system – allows for quick repeatable boss runs after a “reset instance”. This is great for decking your char out in purples.

    * Animations could be better
    * World – textures, trees, grass, etc.. – to me this is the biggest downside of DR. Particularly the outdoor levels with trees just look horrendous. Once you get to the dungeons the game feels a lot more fun. The outdoor regions need a lot of work.
    * Character customization – everyone is the same size – its a good thing there is so much armor to choose from because otherwise everyone would look very similar, The folks with items that increase character size really stand out.
    * Spell graphics a bit weak.. some look ok.
    * Quest NPCs located back on levels of dungeons that need to be re-cleared. minor annoyance mostly.

    So far it’s been well worth the $4.99 just to be able to use the higher level loot and bank vault. Recommended for casual RPGers with LAS. Loot Aquisition Syndrome.

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