Cat Figurine: 1/46

I was telling a friend a couple weeks ago about the Spectral Tiger pet from the Warcraft CCG. Sexy blue sheen and transparency for the low, low price of only $500 on eBay. They do look pretty awesome, but $500. Holy shit! That’s when my friend told me about the tameable Ghost Sabers you can get. No sexy blue sheen, but you get the transparency for a fraction of the cost. And by “fraction of the cost” I mean “free.”

But surely, they wouldn’t happen to be the level I needed, right? I checked Petopia and was pleasantly surprised to see that the ghost sabers are levels 19 and 20. My main at the time was a level 19 (I just restarted) Blood Elf. Perfect!

The Ghost Saber is an uncommon spawn that shows up when you pick up a Cat Figurine. The Cat Figurines are only in northern Darkshore, deep in Alliance territory. Sounds grindilicious, and indeed it was. Three hours and 46 cat figurines later, I found my new level 19 pet. “31st time’s a charm,” I told myself at one point. Nope. A buddy took eight hours (ugh) to grind theirs, but I had a high-level friend helping, and we got no trouble from Alliance.

It took me a while to come up with a name, but I finally came up with one I thought was fitting.

In other news — I’m disappearing to Burning Man for the next week and a half, but when I come back, I’ll be reporting in from Austin GDC. If any fellow rat killers will be there and would like to meet up, drop me a line! — james-at-killtenrats-dot-com.

5 thoughts on “Cat Figurine: 1/46”

  1. Congratulations on grabbing a Ghost Saber! I’m terribly fond of them myself. And I like your choice of name.

  2. We got a ghost saber pet for my wife’s Blood Elf Hunter. Was one of my more enjoyable evenings playing WoW. Thankfully, we had a lot better luck than you. Both of our kids bought her a pack of the TCG. In one of them she got the “Rest and Relaxation” scratch off card. She never scratched it off, didn’t really want it. However, that spectral tiger, I’d love to have her find one of those. She’d love it.

  3. I named my ghost cat Cheveyo which means Ghost Warrior in some Native American language. They are nice, I got no trouble from alliance except one accidentally shot him while I was taming, then realized what he did and ran away, then I had to run away since it was attacking. I finally got back and they were there shooing other alliance away so I could tame him.

    The thing is they are on a timer so they inexplicably die after a few minutes. That is always fun and freaks out people thinking “I swear I fed him, I know I did!” heh

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