Dungeon Humor

Dungeon Runners is funny. It does not take itself seriously. NPCs mock themselves, each other, and you. The newbie merchant is a great example of this: “All my stuff is crap!” You will meet Lothar of the Hill Mound People and some intentionally poor celebrity impersonators. Random item names follow Diablo II’s pattern, only you might have a Vacillating Cardboard Axe of the Penitent Koala. You can summon a giant BBQ turkey leg.

The dungeons are explicitly theme parks for violent tourists. You are a dungeon runner, not a hero. Quests include auditing monsters, the “Crazy Cat Lady” series, and collecting miniatures. You will fight for the five rings of Captain Planet Pollution. Conventions are used or skewered as is most amusing. The new dungeon will have goldfarmers as enemies to slay.

And, for the more juvenile, the AE poison skill is a fart joke. Its damage is based on intelligence, so the smartest mages in the world are the most likely to be… No, I cannot finish that sentence. I ignore that animation as I am fighting.

As some have noted, this hurts immersion. It does, however, make for a fun time.

: Zubon

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  1. On the advice of the blog I decided to give DR another shot (I tried it out in beta). Almost immediately upon starting up I started to remember why. First off, the interface feels very rushed, the blinking cursor not even fitting in the text box for login.

    Thereafter it went quickly downhill. I saw players could not use higher than magical types of armor without purchasing along with “other ” items. That’s fine, I thought, until I went to the first merchant in the game to find he sold TWO types of potions, one for members and one for non. I mean, comon, at least throw newbies the sense that they are experiencing the same game as full players.

    So I jumped into the world (ranger) and started through the first dungeon. I find the first rats and fire away. Or so I thought. For anybody who has played an online PC game in the last 5 years, the lag is unforgiveable. Especially on my machine (no wanking, but it’s more than sufficient to play EQ2 on some of the highest settings).

    There is a good 1/2 second delay between clicking and actually firing. Aside from that, the mobs and the game lags as well. If this is framerate lag, it really is inexcusable, if it’s network lag, then they need some serious help because there were only 200 people on the server I picked. I finished up the first area and was not very satisfied. Aside from that, I made the (obvious) mistake of asking for tips on improving lag/framerate in the world channel. At this point I recieved my final blow out of game where I remembered what types of people inhabit free-to-play worlds.

    While the skill system feels like it could have been fun, I would chose a game like Guild Wars, Diablo II or Titans Quest any day of the week over what feels like Joe Blow’s first attempt at an online game.

    Edit: No offense if this is someone’s first game (working alone), I’m quite aware of the issues surrounding network programming and video cards.

  2. That’s not unfair, although I would note two points. First, new characters now start with a stack of the “good” healing potions that they can use. The main benefit of the members-only potions is that they stack; in play, I have used whatever drops without noticing which it was. Second, I have never noticed significant lag except for the times my own connection has gone to heck. I have heard people complain in the world channel, but it is answered by a chorus of “nope, no lag here.”

    Were you on World 1? I have never been to the most populous server. World 4 has usually been polite (as can be expected of the internet) and lag-free.

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