Who Plays Dungeon Runners?

Not a lot of people. I would be surprised to hear that the game had 1000 logged on at once, including free accounts. That is spread across four servers.

How is the community? What community? There are no guilds, nor is there a reason for them. The forums have about 25,000 registered users, 2500 threads, and 19,000 posts, with “Max users online was 145 @ 08/08/07 11:54 PM.”

There is no real reason to group. You cannot buff or heal, so the only benefits to being around other people are (1) sharing debuffs and (2) dropping things faster due to higher damage. Running solo, I have only had trouble once. I can herd groups of enemies on a mage. Some of the fights might be easier or more interesting in a group, but you can solo the end-dungeon bosses easily enough.

The world channel is better than a free game deserves. /ignore someone every few days and you will have removed pretty much all the problems. Maybe it is worse on the most populated server. The most annoying part is the continuous stream of new players who have not even read the quickstart guide, so they ask questions that are either meaningless or could easily be answered by talking to the NPCs with the big gold exclamation points over their heads. We all enter the world ignorant, pissy, and crying, but you don’t need to enter the internet that way.

There is no community, no reason to form one, and not much means to do so beyond a friends list. How do you get people to recruit their friends or find new ones with the incentive of “you can farm with me”? Oddly, there is a referral program, so you can send your friends a key for a free trial. Think about that one.

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  1. Lack of any reason to team up with others is the main reason I stopped playing DR after two days. I’d set myself to look for group and never find anyone. I must have been the only person looking for other players when I was there, which I found odd because there is that “play with your friends” angle the devs are working.

    After about an hour of running around alone in an instanced dungeon empty of other players, I began to wonder why this was even an online game. The only time you see other players in town when you’re unloading your gear or training. And even then, everybody is just running around, ignoring each other on their way to the next solo grindfest.

    The few times I did team up with someone, the game got much better and more fun. There’s a lot of good jokes there and they’re more fun to share with a fellow dungeon runner than your significant other who really isn’t interested in the least.

    If they included benefits for teaming up (higher xp/ more loot) then I think more people would do it and the game would improve significantly.

  2. I get the impression that when they say “play with your friends” they don’t mean “find new friends”, they mean “play a fun fast-paced action romp with your existing friends”.

    I know the play I will get of DR will be *with* my significant other, for whom anything crunchier than Dungeon Siege is just tedious micromanagement.

  3. If you have not grouped with anyone in DR you are missing one of the coolest features of the game.

    Once grouped you can right click on the character and immediately teleport to that character.

    No more waiting for travel time when you first group with soemone, it also is pretty cool since only 1 person on the team needs to use a scroll of town portal, the other thing, is that it is useable in combat, since there is really no aggro control in DR if you are getting beat up, simply run away and then port back to your friend to gain some breathing room.

  4. Also, the instances dungeons scale to the highest level of the party so lower level characters earn more xp and will eventually close the xp gap if they can stay alive.

    I only played DR for about a month so things might have changed since I played.

  5. Hmmmm…don’t know what to say about someone who can’t figure out how to get a group in DR. Maybe read the instructions? Right click on your name and tab down to ‘let any invite you to group’ instantly adds you to a group pretty much.

    This game is the Diablo MMO, it is a constant instance dungeon experience, either solo or with a group (which is insta 99% of the time). YOu kill stuff for better loot – all while not needing a healer type in your group since there are no ‘heal someone else’ spells – everyone relies on heal potions. So everyone is a DPS class!

    Basically think Diablo MMO with WoW graphics and humor, and the simplest group mechanics possible. If you can’t get into this sort of game, then don’t bother with DR. There is no deeper meaning to the game then being a dungeon/loot game, a la Diablo, but with groups and better graphics.

    ps – the $5/mo is worth it for the in game chat alone

  6. You’d have to be a mug to not see Dungeon Runners for what it is within 1 minute of playing, a complete and total waste of time.

  7. So was Diablo. You didn’t look for depth in that game. It was what it was, and DR is what it is.

  8. Token, same could be said (and was said) about Tetris.
    As a matter of fact, same thing is said daily by millions of people about video games in general.
    Even, by some cynical assholes, about games in general.

    So, thanks for the profound insight into your preference in gaming. I suppose those of us who don’t share your tastes are “mugs”, then.

  9. Pacman is one of the most fun games ever made, and all you do is run around in circles eating little dots…

    Don’t be so quick to impose your prespective as fact about games that you didn’t like.

    I really hated Counterstrike and thought it was pointless, but if I made a post here about how it is a total waste of time and everyone who liked it was a ‘mug’ I’d get hatemail for a century.

  10. I play Dungeon Runners and I enjoy it because I don’t have to wait on anyone to play, have fun, and get good loot. That’s all I’m there for, and it’s all good to me.

  11. Dungeon Runners isn’t pretending to be a competitor to WoW or any other of the big boys. Its a dungeon based hack’n slash game, with pretty decent graphics if you ask me. As someone mentioned, its “a la Diablo”. Exactly. Its not an MMORPG, its an MOG. There is no “massive” and no “role play”.

    That being said, this game can, over time, evolve into much more. They may still not look to go MMORPG, but they may add many elements that will greatly enhance the fun factor.

    Its a free game, with a $5 membership if you do want to pay. Their budget is likely low, so there are only so many resources they can put towards it. Advertising is a neat idea. I mean, if you game is loading, instead of watching a bar grow, look at an ad.

    I like the game for what it is. Its simple and fun, although it can get repetitive. You can play it, and then drop it, and play it again weeks later. You aren’t bound by quests or have commitments to a guild. Although, I would like to see a guild system develop later on. I’d also like to see non dungeon maps, like open fields, forests, snow hills…

    Maybe they exist… I’m still noob.

  12. The game is meant for casual players. They clearly state that. If you want a deeper game, buy one instead of crying about the free ones.

  13. Like Dale said if you dont like it, go and get another game that the same company develops like…Guild Wars?

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