Dungeon Maintenance Fees

You can play Dungeon Runners for free, with no limit to time or levels. You can go sign up right now, play until the level cap, then start a new account and do it again.

Your $4.99 per month buys you the full features. You cannot equip the top three tiers of items unless you are a paying member, meaning you will have worse damage and defenses. Members can use the good potions that stack in inventory, meaning you get more pack space. Only members can use the bank to hold items. If there are queues, members go to the front of the line.

Is it worth it? There is no box to buy, so your cost really is just $5 for each month you play. If you played Diablo II for less than 6 months, you would have been better off with this. Also, you can play for a month, leave when you get bored, play another month after a few dungeons are added, and so on. It might take you years to get through six months, over which time there will be the equivalent of several free expansion packs.

It is a free download with unlimited trial, so give it a shot. Play through the newbie area until you get to Townston. If that was fun, play until level 10, to see if the gameplay is sphexish. If you are still having fun, throw them $5 and start using the good items. It was much better entertainment than I got from that matinee of Terminator 3.

: Zubon

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  1. what does ‘sphexish’ mean? googling it gave me nothing. ARRGH YES I ADMIT IT I’M A MMORG NEWB NOW TELL ME THE ANSWER

  2. Austin, Texas, August 29, 2007–NCsoft® announced today the release of Dungeon Runners’™ first feature expansion, Chunk #1, an ambitious content update that includes player-versus-player (PvP) worlds, support for multiple characters, item linking over its chat system, a new high level dungeon, and a variety of new skills and quests. Most of the features in Chunk #1 are available to all active Dungeon Runners players except for a new set of exclusive member-only servers that will come online with the new expansion release.

    Dungeon Runners is a free to download and play online multiplayer role playing game in a fast-paced sword-and-shield setting, where defeating monsters and evil enemies results in piles of loot and treasure.

    Topping the features of Chunk #1 is PvP action. The Dungeon Runners PvP worlds eliminate all player-versus-environment tasks, focusing solely on player-versus-player combat in a variety of maps and settings. Chunk #1 provides two PvP session types including group practice PvP, which focuses on small PvP free-for-all maps where players can hone their battle skills without a time limit; and group-versus-group death match PvP, which automatically pits similarly powered groups in seven-minute matches.

    “The introduction of PvP combat to Dungeon Runners rounds out the features that MMO players expect to see in their RPG games,” said Stephen Nichols, NCsoft’s producer and lead programmer for Dungeon Runners. “Even though we provide most of our game for free, we are still able to regularly deliver large blocks of feature content and this is just the first of many additions to the game our players will see. Chunk #1, which includes PvP, will add a whole bunch of new content that will give every one of our players new challenges and new opportunities to have fun.”

    Chunk #1 will also give players up to three characters for each account created so they can play multiple characters in a variety of shapes, sizes and sexes. “It is common in MMOs for boys to be girls and vise-versa,” said Nichols. “With multiple character slots, our players can take on whatever roles they like, depending on their mood.”

    Additionally, Chunk #1 includes 70 new quests, several new armor sets and many new skills, including teleport, heal self and a skill that improves a weapon’s slashing ability, called “awesome cleavage.” A new, tough dungeon for level 75-100 players has been added where new quests, monsters and an all-new boss can be found. Chunk #1 will also allow players to trade items over their chat windows, which gives other players the ability to see the name and attributes of the items up for trade.

    This content update also includes improvement to player controls which reduces movement delays.

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