Another RL Invasion

I work for the government. I get to tell our partners, “Good news, your project has been approved! Once you enter the edited application into the online system, I can review it and route it to financial section and the grants manager, then if they don’t have any issues I can immediately send it for final review from the section manager. After your authorized official officially submits it, our division director can approve and then we will send you the approval letter. Then you are set to run it through your local bureaucracy! (This is all conditional, of course, on approval from the State Administrative Board, along with the state and federal funding coming through, but we will run that paperwork concurrently.) I will let you know if there are any questions or revision requests along the way. We are almost there!” This is the fastest and most streamlined the process has ever been. We start planning for fiscal year 2009 soon.

Today I sat at my desk thinking, “I hate lag.”

: Zubon

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  1. … My employer’s biggest client is the government. I can’t call it “lag.” It’s more like a play-by-e-mail first person shooter.

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