Review: Omnibus or In Pieces?

Last week I experimented with a new format for reviewing a game. Instead of one huge post with thirty paragraphs, I commented on different parts of the game spread over a week. How did that work for you?

I had hoped that breaking it up would help us comment on different aspects of the game, rather than whatever one point the comments seized on in a longer discussion. I don’t think that happened much. Perhaps I should have outlined when I was getting to various things at the start.

Everyone had Dungeon Runners fatigue by the end. Perhaps few cared much at the start. The extended format did provide a chance to try it and comment before the series was over. At least a few people did that, posting here or on their own blogs.

Last week was coincidentally the first major content patch for Dungeon Runners, so that was a big attention spike in our little gaming blogosphere.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Review: Omnibus or In Pieces?”

  1. I liked, I still have fun in that game.

    I thought you were just talkin about DR not really reviewing it, I guess it worked then it pulled the wool over my eyes!

  2. Eh, a bit of both. Either way, I could have said a lot all at once, rather than breaking it up. I’ve been writing a lot of short posts recently.

  3. Zubon, I liked the extended review. I think you drilled down to more elements and gave a more comprehensive review than what we can really manage with the monster wall of text style reviews. Also as a reader, I read through more closly that I would if it was a gargantuan book about it. I tend to start skimming at the end of really long posts.

  4. I liked the idea of “a week in the dungeon” but seven parts seemed too much. Out of the gate you were strong. I enjoyed the format and agree w/Cyndre about the more detailed look at specific elements. Maybe four days would have been better.

  5. I think its finding a happy balance. Normally on reviews, you can have 10 bullet points and there is one of those 10 that is the most “exciting” to discuss, and the other 9 are forgotten when people leave replies. Breaking it down into several sections gives us more flexibility to have a brief yet meaningful conversation after. So, like most so far, it was good but don’t get too carried away =)

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