Google Ten Rats

Ethic recently gave me access to Google Analytics for the site, so like anyone with a new toy, I have been checking it compulsively. I have explanations for some of the things that confuse me. I presume we have a great many The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ fans out there, since those are the posts getting a lot of hits and comments, as well as four of the top ten search terms used to reach the site.

I must ask our readers one thing though: “cybercat atitd” is our #2 search term. We had five hits from it yesterday. Is there something I really don’t know here? Maybe someone has been using it as a Googlewhack, and here I go ruining it by using the words in a new post. Using it as a fake referrer link? Please, someone fess up and explain this one to me.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Google Ten Rats”

  1. Yep, googling it now produces: precisely two hits. Neither word is real, so it wasn’t a proper googlewhack, so you’ve not ruined it tooooo badly :)

  2. I think that atitd = a time in the desert, and cybercat was probably a commenter or poster about it Rather more boring then a googlewhack of course :o

  3. I can’t believe I just did this, but here’s the link to cybercat’s comment re. an ‘a time in the desert’ post. Man I’m easily distracted from work this morning.

    /edit I also apparently haven’t had enough coffee, as I just realized you weren’t asking WHAT the google search was looking for, but WHY. That, no telling. I think it’s a good bet it will be your number # search term today though /snicker

  4. It’s my goal for us to be #1 in searches for “Ninja Bunnies on Rollerskates Playing Golf”.

    You have your dreams. I have mine.

  5. What the fuck?

    Who the hell is googling me and ATID? I didn’t do more than glance at that game. And why are people googling me? That’s somewhat creepy. I went for a job interview (actually a long process) and I know they were doing reference checks, but that’s a level of pervasiveness I didn’t really expect if that’s a product of their investigation.

    Also, I got the job, woot :)

  6. Maybe…. maybe technology in Egypt has just advanced that far. Last time I visited they had formation aircraft displays. It stands to reason that they could have Cybercats and AIBOs by now.

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