Dark Conspiracy

For the first time in nearly a decade I am not playing any MMOs.   Sure I’ve taken ‘breaks’ before but I only rarely let my subscriptions lapse and always intended to return.  More recently, un-sub’d time periods were filled with Betas so I still had my hands wet and spend nearly as much time on unreleased MMOs while on a ‘break from playing MMOs.’

 Not so this time around.

I am looking forward to Warhammer Online.   ALOT.  However the development team seems to have misplaced my Beta invite (I’m sure its just a mix-up, so email me when its all sorted out : ) and nothing else on the market or in development is really lighting my fire.

As it turns out, I have found a new tabletop gaming group recently.   It would seem that my neighbors are card carrying members of geekdom, and upon careful inspection of my membership card, and reviewing my nerdtastic street cred, have invited me to join their group.

These guys are great!   My old group basically played AD&D 2nd edition, with a smattering of Warhammer for good measure.   Sure this group used to play D&D also, but they really branched out and have so many crazy games, both miniture style, card games and RPGs, most that I had never even heard of.

Our first night we played a one-off game called Chainmail that is based on the original miniatures game developed by Gary Gygax in 1971.   The version we played was released in 2002, and follows the D&D3.0 ruleset, and is generally similar to Warhammer in that you assign a points value to each player, select your warband within that points allowance and set up on a board.   You then slaughter one another until someone comes out on top.   It was a lot of fun and easy to get started, but it lacks the depth that I crave in my gaming experience.

You see, for me gaming is about the development of your fantastical identity.   I enjoy weaving a history and origin, and daydream about the life events that shaped the person I am to play.   I want to understand my characters motivations, and respond to game problems with the weight of my experience and understanding guiding my choices.   There is nothing I despise more than a meta-gamed, hack-and-slash dungeon crawl, with Greatsword bearing fighters, and wizards lobbing Fireball after Fireball.   I crave finesse, and as a DM, always provided significantly more rewards to those players who fought creatively and within the scope of their designed role, rather than those who could maximize their killing potential, with little regard for the synergy of their actions with the motivations of their avatar.

This week, we started a new campaign that really sated my desire for a full scale RPG experience, and in a setting that I had never even heard of before.   Dark Conspiracy is a campaign set in our own world, in the near future following economic collapse and some catastrophic world events.    The setting is intricately carved, the heroes are basically people just like you and I, set in a world not too unlike our own.   With a solid DM at the helm, our first night was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat, unlike any campaign has been able to do in years.

When we called it quit after four hours, I couldn’t believe the time had passed and eagerly await out next foray into…  America.   Just to give you an idea of how epically bizarre this campaign is…   one of my group’s character classes is Retail Store Manager.  

God I can’t wait until next week!


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  1. Huh, don’t suppose you’re in Michigan? I should get a gaming group. I could hit the local gaming shops, but I think the shifting tides of campus populations drive the available options.

    Care to post about why everyone should play WAR? DAoC2 looks interesting, although I think I might have preferred to see the other version of it. Isn’t 40K coming, too?

  2. Zubon, I am in New Hampshire, so you are out of luck there. I would be willing to run a D&D4.0 Campaign after it and D&DInsider launches with the online tabletop features. Maybe we can put together a Kill Ten Rats campaign.

    I didn’t specifically say everyone should play WAR. I said, I am going to play WAR. Mostly I like the way Mythic has approached development so far… the openness and the information. The newsletters, Paul’s podcasts, the videos… they are just so in love with their game, and it shows in what little I have seen. Reviews from the Beta glimpses that have been allowed to speak about it (press from the conferencs) has all been amazing, and after years and years of PvE mentality, I am really ready for a PvP centric game.

    That and Warhammer is the greatest IP to convert to an MMO in my opinion.

    You can expect to see my thoughts in a great deal more depth as we go along. I plan to spend some time digging through all of the released materials and post on whats coming.

  3. Hey Cyndre!

    It’s been awhile since I played some old school D&D. If I wasn’t raiding 5 nights a week I’d maybe see if I could make the trip out your way for some table top games :)

    Any plans to return to WoW ever? Hows the family?

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