Duel the Dew

As you may have noticed, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Penny Arcade are both mocking the Game Fuel commercial today. Apparently that advertising works, in the sense of getting people to talk about it, since here we are… oh, and those comics that are way more popular than we are.

Previous mockery via GU Comics and how many others have hit an easy target? Is the soda any good? I am tempted by a few positive comments, but the marketing turns me off.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Duel the Dew”

  1. I had assumed it was just Code Red, repackaged, since Code Red has not been for sale around me for some time.

    Either way, I find the ads silly…but I never buy anything based on ads. If my wife was a gamer, I’d ask her opinion – she’s heavily influenced by advertising.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with using games to advertise… there isn’t even anything wrong with in game advertising, as long as it makes sense in context and doesn’t stop the game (like a commercial break). Don’t advertise Coke in medieval England or feudal Japan.

  3. I’ve been trying it, and it’s not bad, a bit more “fruity” than the other Dews. Hard to explain. Though i feel like a dork for buying it, i mean why not just call it “nerd fuel”? ;) I’m not a huge Halo fan, more that i like Mt Dew, but if i need caffeine i usually go with Jolt. Halo 3 just seems so over hyped that it just makes me laugh when i see cross branding. Maybe i’ll play it if i can keep my 360 from red ringing of death on me. again.

    Wait! I got it, the soda is read, the 360 is famous for the “red ring of death”, game fuel is the “Red Soda of Death”. Maybe not.

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