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Cameron of Random Battle tells us that EQ2 will allow you to wear purely decorative armor, replacing the graphics (but not stats) of the armor you would normally wear. Go for the best stats, but cover it with your favorite look.

Awesome. I am also looking forward to Chronicles of Spellborn’s plan to decouple appearance from stats in equipment. Of course, I am spoiled by City of Heroes, where you can pick your look at any time (but half the powers hide it anyway).

If you are committed to the standard loot-centric model, this is a nice way to work around having everyone look the same. I wonder if it applies to weapons; I have this image of someone using a very fast weapon but showing a huge slow one, so it does the giant hammer swing at lightning dagger speed.

: Zubon

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  1. Ok that is pretty sweet. I’ve been wanting something like this for a very very long time now. Would help break up the sameness you inevitably get in an item centric game. Now if only WoW would follow suit (oh and this should extend to weapons as well).

  2. This is another perfect example of “right idea wrong implementation” or at least stupid developers refusing to think through their ideas.

    Instead of making extra equipment slots so characters can wear a bikini over platemail armor (to look like they are wearing a bikini while they get the platemail armor stats), which simply doesn’t make sense on so many levels, what they SHOULD have done, was make the stats on gear variable and then tie that to crafting. You end up with the same result (look the way you want, and get the benefit of the stats you want), but you give players more control and you don’t make any stupid design decisions.


  3. This is something i would love to death. I also think it’s a good idea for casual players. I tend to think of myself as casual, even though i play a lot at times, but i don’t really raid or do a lot of pvp, so i usually end up with decent stat items from quests, but they look so “meh”. Before i got into MMOs i thought the crafting would let me be more creative with the things i made, but most of the time it’s all preset, even though i could really just substitute the “red dye” for “blue dye” in real life.

  4. I’ve always wished that you could look however you wanted to in MMOs. I think being able to tell what you are up against just by glancing at your opponent is bad design.

    If armor/clothing is to have stats, than perhaps they should be enhanced magically. You could extract stats from gear you don’t like, and apply them to the gear you do like. Or for that matter, you could simply modify the way the gear looks via magic or crafting.

  5. It only shows armor. does not change shields or weapons. I know on PvE servers you can wear anything your character could normally wear. But on PvP where it matters I think it is a different set of rules of what fluff armor you can wear. That way you dont attack someone thinking they are a tank because they are in plate armor and find out they are a wizard.

    This is not different really then an illusion spell. You can still examine someone and it will show what they are wearing.

    This change was put in because people complained about wearing mismatch armor all the time. You always wear the best armor you have but some times they dont match. And some of the best looking armor in game might be from the lower levels. After you out level it, you never see it again. Same goes for Faction/Guild level gear. It has no stats, it is just there for appearance. Some of it looks really nice, but it was a pain to toss it on every time you came back to town and take it back off when you leave town. This way you can wear it all the time and still keep your stats.

  6. Personally, I’m really excited about this change. I already hide helms in any game that lets me, because attractive ones are so rare. And I have characters who are primarily crafters in EQ2 running around in dresses instead of armor because I like the look better. I’ve even got pretty outfits taking up bank room for that once-in-awhile opportunity to actually wear it. So, I don’t care if the implementation is a kludge due to existing systems, I’m just thrilled to have the option!

  7. SWG recently added a reverse-engineering system to the game, which allows players to ultimately add exactly the stats they want to crafted armour and clothing for exactly the look they way. Crafters are able to reverse engineer statted loot items with junk loot items to create a skill-enhancing attachment with a specific stat, which can then be socketed onto crafted wearables. Brilliant!

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