First-Best, Second-Best

Have you ever noticed that Plan A and Plan B look nothing alike? If my wife cannot have cannelloni with spicy chicken soup, her second choice will be a chicken-kabob pita with fries, and #3 is sweet and sour chicken with garlic bread. The only common link here is chicken.

All the points between A and B may be worse than either A or B. You cannot make a Prius from an Escalade by gradual degrees, nor can you stop halfway through making peanut butter cookies and switch to chocolate cake. Well, you can, but it pretty much means throwing everything away and starting over. You cannot build EVE Online out of Auto Assault.

Yesterday’s discussion was about a patch to Everquest 2. If we could have an ideal crafting system, it would probably look something like this crossed with this. That’s Plan A. If you can build that as your system from the start or have the luxury of re-doing your entire crafting system (and figuring out what to do with current crafters), fabulous. Please tell me how I can work for you or play your game.

Plan B involves going to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time. Given existing problems, doing something silly that moves you further away from Plan A can improve things. If nothing else, it is something you can do right now while working on that complete overhaul in the long run. We can see the duct tape, but it will hold until we can get a replacement.

Is it silly that bikinis cover plate mail? Yes. Do you have a better solution for customizing appearances that does not involve an entirely new system of itemization?

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “First-Best, Second-Best”

  1. They could avoid the whole disguising your class deal by simply limiting your appearance slot to armor you can normally wear..and I do mean armor, no social clothing should be able to fit in these slots.

  2. Limiting the appearance slots to armor you can wear would just make it unfair to the people who can’t wear plate. A plate wearer can also wear chain, leather or cloth, whereas a cloth wearer can only wear cloth.

  3. Without changing itemization, you have to create a new “accessory” items to go over existing skins.

    For example, simple dye colors, etc, as a start, but even further than that, have craftable items (shoulder spikes? Additional plates/padding?) or items from quest rewards (goblin skulls, Bear claws) that can be placed at various “anchors” on armor pieces

    So now, you can color your armor, and add some flair. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would be MUCH easier than either recreating the entire wheel, and much less silly than a 100 armor pink bikini.

    (I would still vote for recreating the entire wheel, personally =)

  4. It’s use for RPers and just people wanting to look nicer is obvious.

    For PvPers, I don’t see what’s wrong with letting people hide their “True” armor. Most casual pvpers won’t know the armor by look anyway. Plus, it’s just one more way to obfuscate. If it’s cheap to do, then anyone can do it, so there’s no advantage of time to raid/goldbuying that affects current pvp. You’d think pvpers would love this idea, not hate it. Sure it also means you have to be careful when attacking, but isn’t that part of the thrill? It injects more uncertainty.

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