Still here.. still hopelessly addicted..

I’ve been silent lately.  It’s been partially due to personal concerns and partially due to my inability to turn off this WoW thing that keeps running on my computer.  I’d like to pose a question to the community in the meantime while I try to work up a decent posting:  Blizzard has mentioned an interest in upgrading the World of Warcraft engine.  Assuming this would be part of the update for Wrath of the Lich King, how do you believe this would affect the game’s community both from a technical standpoint and a general one?

My thoughts coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Still here.. still hopelessly addicted..”

  1. An OPTIONAL graphics upgrade with an expansion would probably help World of Warcraft. If anything could hurt WoW, however, it would be forcing a hardware upgrade with an already pricey expansion.

  2. Hexedian said it. WoW can be run passably on extremely low end machines. Given that MMO players are not generally of those tending to run the bleeding edge of technology (Vanguard players excepted), they would lose a lot of subscribers with a mandatory upgrade. Also, given the type of game that it is, I quite like being able to tab in and out of the program in windowed mode without having to wait 15s for the graphics to reload afterwards.

  3. I hope they upgrade at least a little, if it’s in a year, WoW is going to look pretty dated by then and it doesn’t take a tough machine to run well now. I can play it fine on my macbook laptop that is a couple years old, and my year old pc laptop runs it over 60 fps with everything enabled. Didn’t CoH upgrade graphics when CoV came out? I know CoV runs a little slower for me, but i liked that they didn’t abandon the old for the new. Maybe they could put in a slider like CoX uses where it sets things for you but still looks pretty good.

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