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I have mentioned Virtual Villagers a few times lately. The creators also make Plant Tycoon,® “a gardening sim game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. The object is to breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants and solve the genetic puzzle.” They also have a virtual fish-breeding game along the same lines.

Of course, these are offline games. If you are looking for online massively multiplayer breeding, you might try Virtual Horse Ranch. (It says right at the top that this is a “strategic” MMO horse sim game.) Google led me to a surprisingly large number of online virtual horse breeding games.

And people say there is no innovation going on.

: Zubon

Seriously, wouldn’t robust animal/plant/whatever breeding be a neat addition to your game’s trade skills? Don’t just give us a “breeding” skill that increments up: throw in some real Mendelian genetics. A Tale in the Desert has some things along these lines.

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  1. A gamer friend of mine is somewhat addicted to this arcade horse breeding game that they have at Jillian’s. It was a bit shocking to realize he spends a fortune breeding virtual racehorses. Maybe I should tell him about this FREE online horse ranch. :)

  2. I guess I’m not alone in my insanity. I’ve tinkered with Virtual Villagers but I didn’t like the mechanics. All I really want is Harvest Moon Online. Since they did a Wii version with narey another word about MMO, I suppose that dream is dead.

    What’s my alternative? The Sims w/ Open for Business and Seasons expansion packs. You have all the sophistication and fun of the Sims avatars plus the ability to build and run your own farms, if that’s the line of business you pursue.

    At the moment I have a farm where I sell most of my produce back to the game, except for the items that I use for a small fruit and vegatable stand, along with a pay to enter garden park w/fishing ponds.

  3. Agreed. It would be nice if there was some sort of player-skill involved in crafting. UO has had a plant growing/cross-breeding system that requires player interaction (though much more simplified than ATitD) for many years now.

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