I may be deeply screwed up. I often do not enjoy point-and-click puzzle games (oh, I have to click the fish before I flip the switch that turns the cheese into a cat-deflector, of course!), but this one was far more intuitive and logical to me than most.

: Zubon

Hat tip: Play This Thing! (as mentioned yesterday. Check it out for more games)

3 thoughts on “Samorost”

  1. Aye, the sequel is as good easily. When this came out, there was a swarm of clones pretty quick. None measured up.

  2. Most of these sorts of game are pretty poor. I think that part of my fondness is that it reminds me of the old 7th Level games I used to like. Is “Take Your Best Shot” freeware/abandonware yet? I miss my old copy that went somewhere.

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